Sunday, November 22, 2015

Game Avatar: One Roll Yahtzee

The cup and dice color are right, just Imagine the dice are five fives.

Quote: Hello Las Vegas...Lady and I promise to never visit.

I am sitting at the dining room table playing Yahtzee with my Mom and Aunt Helen. It's Aunt Helen's turn to roll. She covers the cup with one hand and shakes the cup sideways with the other. After several shakes, she releases the top and out comes a tombstone that hits the table cloth. To our surprise, five fives are face up to make a Yahtzee on her first roll.

The game avatar and I have look at the timeline of the roll. The line starts when my Aunt picks up the cup and ends with five dice woven in a block hitting the table cloth. Before the first shake, the game avatar puts her thumb and forefinger together and separates them to draw out an avatar thread for stitching. I watch the timeline over and over and see the fives being stitched as my Aunt shakes the cup but I never see her hand. She slow the movie frame by frame for me to see a hand stitch. In only one frame I see a faint image of her hand sweep and stitch two dice together.

Never take on the Moms...Lady Luck is always on their side.

2019 February 22 - The avatar thread is timeline thread. Since Lady Luck showed how to make the thread I can use it to see if things are the same. It is a very handy tool. I am using is all the time to see who is who and what is what. Thanks. You are welcome. 
2019 July 14 - changed how to who.
2019 November 10 - The thread can be used to stitch up physical wounds. I did so on my Mom's sternum to help the healing after heart surgery. A post will be done on this.
2020 September 19 - Using your thread to stitch up someone else means you on take on their pain while it heals. 
2021 September 23 - Last comment about DEM thread. When she was better, her shoulder avatar took her fingers and cut the thread to release me from the connective healing. 

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