Friday, October 16, 2020

COVID Fog in the DEM Ocean

 "*lots of curse words*" COVID fog creator

The line colors are Yellow for the Sun, Violet for Mercury, Blue for Venus, Green for Earth, and Red for Mars. They are a part of my forehead name. In the record, I did not know my thumb was the Sun thread. The COVID fog is more oil spill like but the Power Point fog will do. The barrier goes to the edge of 912 property.

Below is a Dragon Diary entry, which I made into its own post.

October 16th - I just backed in to the rolling garage door. I knocked two wheels off the tracks and kicked off two of the wall bolts. But it was easy to get the door back in functional order, though it now has three new wrinkles on the outer surface. I decide to not do the car trip. I begin to have doubts in just going outside. In the record, evidently, the least damage that I was to do on that car trip was to damage something that I can fix. I can see Ibol temporarily avatar substitute me while she put the car in reverse, then put her hands together to ask for forgiveness. I remember blanking out on the gear shifting.
In the record, this is a typical hard end to a timeline that makes it unchangeable.
This COVID fog is most confusing thing I have ever dealt with. I am not even sure what it is but... In the record, I am about to write something about it and I stopped and zoned. I can sort of see it now. It's like a oil spill in the Ocean of DEM. It seems to be able to go through the energy barriers of the house.
In the record, just thinking of the COVID fog makes you zone out. Up late at night I seem clear of it, though during the day it's around and foggy?
I remember in the support groups folks talking about being on their meds and zoned. In the record, I was just given the finger as one of my alarm traps go off to warn me of something.

I have no ideal how long I was in that COVID fog, probably since I got COVID. I think it hit me in July with my last COVID illness. I stopped posting or should say that I found it hard to want to post. I seem to be out of it inside the house barriers now. In the record, the house security added an additional barrier and ask for help. I put my right hand up and all five fingers together. I pull them apart and make a multi-color threads. I pull it apart more and attach the thread to the barrier which instantly found a hole and sizzled it closed. I can see the fog hit up against the barrier and go around it. See picture.

I am not sure how to clear it, though others seem to be working on it now. I have heard other complain of the fog. Hopefully, we can clear it for all the human race. 

2023 July 25 - changed font, reposted pic

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