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2024 February - 5% diary edititorial correction about AI

It's a diary of my normal life, the 5%. Just posting my replies to the monthly newsletter questions between the family and cousins. Dragon comments are after, "in the record"
I decided to make this a separate post because I need folks to understand the limitations of AI. 
Below is an editorial correction I had added to the February newsletter about GPchat AI. 

Editorial corrections by David: 

A newsletter ago I labeled AI programs as evil. Well, that is not true especially since I use AI programs for pattern recognition all the time. 

In the record, I stated that AI GPchat was evil because it forced people to view trauma to label it trauma so it does not come up in a search. The repercussion is that it started to create trauma in the folks viewing the trauma.  


To the right is me using Google Lens to identify the plant that is growing from the bird seed. 

AI programs are good for reading QR codes,

And the AI program I love the most is the grammar and spelling one. 

All the above is pattern recognition


For creative content, AI program can’t do it. Whether it’s creating a story, picture or movie, it fails. 

It’s a subtle fail, as though something is not quite right. 

The first time I recognized it was in the Captain America movie where special effect made a skinny young  Captain America. As I watch that scene the voice and the body did not match. It was subtle but something was wrong because the voice was not coming from the body.


In the record, back in August 2023 dragon diary I talked about a sexy AI Asian lady look like a Frankenstein cut and paste picture.

How I know something was made by a human is that the creator has put a part of their soul in the creation which AI program lack…for now. 


in the record: FYI. You can train animals to see what has DEM versus an AI creation. Dogs or parrots would work. In fact, all of nature see's DEM, but for some reason we were left out of that benefit, though we, humans are a part of nature. 



2024 may 14 - grammar 

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