Friday, March 15, 2024

2024 February - Dragon Diary

  It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Long time to see David. We need to talk." Princes Poodle.
In the record, I am in so much trouble with so many female avatars.
Overall - I know that I have to be a show pony. I still have not figured out how to disconnect my feet from gravity. As a walking tree, I would make brown Earth matter stilts while wearing a cloak of Green Leaf Energy. See the picture above. I am a dragon now with Gaia stilts and a coat of fire. it should be easy to disconnect from Earth? I still don't know. The minute I do and it goes public, my quiet life is over. In the record, humans are walking trees. As I said before, this is a Tree Galaxy.

11th - At the Sunday Voice World meeting a person came. They stated that they were from outside of this universe. I thought, "oh, okay". Then I tried to see if it was a dimension versus a universe location. But they insisted that they came from outside of this universe where our laws of physics did not apply and everything we good and beautiful in their universe. They stayed for half of the time. Then the subject turned to gravity and that I can see it and knew how it worked. They immediately left. 
Later in the week we would have mental conversation about them being in this universe. Then it happened. They closed a door at the edge of the universe. 
In the record, well, they were telling the truth. I try to not look at anyone in the meeting with my clairvoyance to preserve their unknown status of non-human.
In the record, I do know when a door closes at the edges of our universe, because I just happen to have a redheaded door on my flat. 

Zoo Hypothesis only considers 5% of everything

Link to the Sunday Voice World meeting is here.

14th - Facebook comments on Zoo hypothesis and when the Sunday Voice World meeting is.

Every human with a soul has a voice. Some talk, some don't.

I had gone into an in depth explanation of something that their voice did not want them to know. So my comment got deleted by them avatar hands on the keyboard. This is not unusual. It happen when I found out about heaven.

The voices can left the viewer room or use speech balloons.

There are lots of voice to talk to other then the ones assigned to you.

How to block out intrusive voices.
24th -

Link to the article is here.

25th - Oklahoma has a fracking issue. In the record, The golem races has full permission to cause minor earthquakes to stop the humans from dumping the wastewater in their land under ground where they live.

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