Saturday, August 29, 2015

Avatar Shell: Half Moon Lake Marmot

"Avatars are willing to help, even though it gets them in trouble." Clueless Wonder

I am done packing the backpack to hike out of Half Moon Lake camp when a marmot peeks up over the rocks and starts coming towards me. I immediately guess that the marmot is an avatar shell and play along taking pictures. Oddly enough, she strikes a pose right before I click the camera. After eight pictures, I decide to switch to movie mode and take a film. The marmot avatar does not understand what happened when I start to film so I say click as though I am taking a picture. The added prompt works until after I say the 2nd click and she says, "You are not taking pictures are you?" I continue to say click even though I have been found out.  She continues to strike poses coming closer with each pause. She is really close and I panic and say a bunch of gibberish. I know it is an avatar, but I still did not expect her to get that close. She backs away and I say goodbye to her.

Below is the movie I shot.


In talking to the Marmot avatar about the records, she has a different story to tell. She wanted me to have pictures of her to remember the visit since I had spent time talking to her. She materialized a marmot image and blows into it creating a 3D animal shell. She steps into the shell as though she is putting on a costume. She was about leave when an elder tells her not to go. She ignores the warning and leaves to see me while her friends cheer her on.

Below is a pastel drawing of the three records she gave to me to examine. I sometimes do drawing to better understand the invisible records. 

The top left is the Marmot avatar creating the marmot shell.
The top right is an elder warning her not to go.
The bottom is me taking pictures of her shell while her friends cheer her on.

I am indebted to her that she showed me her avatar shell, even though it caused her trouble with her people.

I was reading The Tao of Pooh when I was there. Also, A GBS was the avatar of the day when I was up there.

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