Monday, August 24, 2015

Once Touched...Always in Touch: Narmada River Stone

Quote: Avatars need our help. Be open to lending a hand.

My brother, Mike, gave me a four inch long Narmada River stone for a present. Once in a while, I would hold the stone and suddenly I would feel a moving river around me. I held it again today to talk to the river avatar to see if the stone is from the Narmada River. She shows me a higher view of the river so I can find the location. I start looking online here and there and finally I end up on a video on how the stones are made. 

They are hand carved into elliptical shapes that you can purchase. I read the comments and one person thinks that they are fake since they are hand made. I comment that the beautification by the stone cutters does not take away the feeling of being in a river when the stone is held.

In talking with the Narmada River avatars, they care about the stone cutters way of life. The avatars want  the river stones sent around the world to help those who need the stone’s energy which allows the cutters to make a living.  

Avatars need our help, even if it is just a positive comment on a video.

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