Sunday, August 23, 2015

Once touched...always in touch: Watermelon Avatar

Quote: Once your avatar is coupled with you, visiting other avatars is as easy as a thought.

I was eating an especially delicious red seedless watermelon from Andronicos. I wanted to thank the avatars who made the melon. Using my avatar’s vision, I was immediately connected to the watermelon avatars at their patch. I mentally said, “Thanks, that was really good.”  Wearing watermelon caps, they acknowledged the compliment with a curtsy.

In talking to the melon avatars back at the house, it turns out that different caps signify different responsibilities. The ones they showed me were: a sawtooth cap for a Mum, a small cap for the child, a helmet cap for a guard, and a half cap for the ones tracking the melon status.

If you eat a delicious fruit or vegetable, make sure you compliment the person who made it. Everyone likes a compliment for the work they do.

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