Wednesday, August 19, 2015


"Never a dull moment in the avatar world." Clueless Wonder

My physical is almost done as I sit on the exam bench listening to the doctor tell me why I need to lose 20 pounds to achieve my ideal weight.  I hear her voice say, “Are you going to tell me about the ice cream?”  I noticed that her mouth did not move. My eyes widen as I mentally replied, “Perhaps...”, as I desperately try and figure out which avatar snitched on me.

My only vice is a three gallon container of mocha chip ice cream in the freezer.  You know, the good kind with Guittard chips bought at Tucker’s Ice Cream in Alameda.

In looking at the record with the doctor’s avatar, we see a miniature image of me hovering over my ice cream container greedily spooning it in my mouth. The 3-D picture slowly rotates while it circles my body. The image glows green with red streak across my face like a flashing sign saying, “Look here!”

There are no secrets in the avatar world. The harder you try to hide it, the easier it is to see.

2015 August 30 - Added the easier it is to see.
2020 February 8 - add more labels and location. Mind  you, I thought there was a pic for this. 
2021 January 26 - identified the quoted.
2021 March 20 - move the comment to the updates
2023 September 17 - change font, spelling. I finally gave up ice cream to improve my diet.

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