Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nasturtium Avatar Agreement

Quote: Working with a nasturtium avatar is rewarding and pain free.

In the side yard, in the middle of the nasturtiums is a pile of gravel I use for drain rock for various landscape projects.  I would rip back the flowering vines and get the gravel.  Unfortunately, I would end up with a small pain for destroying the work of the nasturtium avatar.  I now obtain permission from the flower avatar, before I gather the gravel.

The nasturtium avatar wanted me to plant her seeds in exchange to access the gravel.  With the avatar’s direction, I gather the seeds and plant them where she wants. I can now proceed to get the gravel pain free being careful not to damage too many flowers.

I asked her why I had to experience the pain. The nasturtium avatar and I both look at her records for a root cause of the imbalance. Tearing the vines creates a ground level green-black cloud where the rips occurred. Getting hurt absorbs the cloud in my wound.  Working  together, she will gather the cloud and deposit a compact yellow-brown energy enveloping the planted seeds.  The deposited energy will be used for the germination of the seed.  

Teaming up with other avatars is always rewarding. Your avatar neighbors are always willing to help, especially the 7 inch avatars with a flower for a head cover.

The other day I trimmed black berry vines to clear the pathway. I did it knowing there would be a price to pay. As I put the vines into the green bin the vine's thorns scratched my arm. I saw a swirl of green and black DE enter the scratch. In the record, the black DE entered my DM body while the green DE covered the scratch like a bandage.

2021 March 20 - added my comment into the blog and added DM. Though I am not sure while the blackberry DE entered my body.

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