Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ant Avatar: The five day plan

"Boys, don't kill any pantry moths...they're here to keep an eye on me." Clueless Wonder


It's Monday morning, I enter the kitchen and I see a trail of ants across the floor, up the cabinet side, and in the kitchen scrap bowl. My first instinct is to orange spray the uninvited guest. I can't, I need permission from the ant avatar.

I mentally ask, "How long do you plan on staying?"
The young boy's voice mentally replies, "five days".

After some talk, I agree to step over the trail and not use the kitchen counter top. On day two, thousands of ants are now scavenging when bones are added to the bowl. Friday night, the ant boy instructs me to remove the scraps. I recycle the scraps and add the bowl with the dishes in the dishwasher. I agree to clean up the remaining ants Saturday morning. Next morning, the thousands of ants are now just a few hundred. I am instructed to spray the trail and opening to kill the remaining ants. I do as told and resume my usual kitchen activities.

I share my space with various flying and crawling insects. I use to capture and release them outside, now I leave them alone. My patience is always tested with mosquitoes.

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