Thursday, December 10, 2015

Avatar Hacks: 2015 list

Each week, a different groups of avatars are at the house. Everyday, I allow them to avatars hack a piece of electronics I use. The hacks posted are things that should not happen. So far, all the hacks have been temporary. The format is date, the hack, my try to undo the hack, and "my angst" comment at that moment.

"And people wonder why I don't have an smart phone... "Hello AAA, my self-driving car drove into the Bay. Do you have a barge for a tow?" Clueless Wonder.  
In the record, I own 6 smart phone for Pokemon Go and pay phone disappeared.


29th - At work, I am condensing and renaming Excel files. The mouse arrow show a loading circle though nothing is loading. "Thank you Crow avatars."

27th -  At my Mom's house in Sacramento, I am watching taped episode of Dr. Who. At the menu, I click on  "recordings" which list the taped shows. After the show list appears, the screen refreshes and list the descriptions though some do not appear. Going out to the menu resets the descriptions which ends Ibol's hack. Above is a mock up of what I saw.

23rd -  The dashboard's tire pressure icon will be a future post.  To sum it up: The 1st time its on, nothing needs fixing. The 2nd time, the spare tire needs air though it has no sensor. The 3rd time, nothing was wrong but i tried to be one with the machine which failed. More homework.

22nd - I go online to check my jury duty status. I fill out the form and go to the next screen where there is nothing to click. I hit the back arrow and get the HTTP Status 500 error. Redoing the form does not clear the hack of the Court avatars. I end up using the phone to check jury duty status.

21st - I come home and the boys are already playing online music.  The playlist is long and I notice the load icon, round dots in a circle, is on while playing the music. All online stuff loads then plays, especially on my XP computer. The court avatars hacked the load icon and the boys don't see it.  "So, don't you want to know why that's happening?" "No Dad, it's just loading..."

 20th - The lights flash off then on. The phone flashes on then off. Now my monitor screen blanks out then on. I want to play an Xmas song for the court avatars to keep a beat. "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock...."

20th - The light turns off for a long second.  I begin to think that maybe the bulb is loose.  I start to play with the bulb and realized I've been had. "Gotcha..."

19th - I do a quick look at the potential timeline of the views. There are hundreds but only 55 primary line.  I say, "Let's do it." while my avatar start to click off the 55 lines. Out of the corner of my eye I see another avatar undo the offs. Both I and the court avatar stop, knowing it will not work. *I say shock at how fast it was undone.*

18th - Jon, Ben and I finished watching episode 5. The next button reveals episode 6 has over a million views which is 6 times the count of the previous anime. Later when the boys are gone, I check the counts of episode 5, 6, and 7, in which 5 and 7 are in the 200K range. I decided to report the hack, mysterious none of the report links work in any of the episode, but works fine outside of this series. Thanks to the CA cities avatars, I can practice undoing both the view count and the report link hacks. When I succeed, I will post my findings. "Nuts...I have homework!"

14th - It's Monday, I get to work and login on the computer. I mentally hear the CA cities avatars say that there are lots of bugs to play with. "Oh starts again."

10th - At work, I have email rules to sort the clutter in my inbox. Lately, some of the rules have not worked, so I make the rule again. Then the final straw happens, the ".QA inspection ALA" rule is broken. I make a new one then contact IT, who info me that the rules have not been touched. Once again, I apologize to IT and hang up to view the avatar hacks. One was to uncheck the rule box for ".QA inspection ALA". The second hack had incoming email by-pass the rules, in which I make the rule again, several times. "Oh my...this has been going on for months."

10th - I always double check the post in the preview mode. I click the preview button and get a "Service Unavailable Error 503". I try again and get the same error. An Eastern Europe avatar tells me that if I take the picture and post it, they will let me proceed. I do it and I am allowed to preview the post. " want credit for this."

9th -  I use Adobe at work to sort PDF pages. In the page list, the page being viewed has a red border. I was viewing page one but page two was also red. No matter what I did, it would not clear until I restarted the program. "How...the..."

8th - The shuffle and repeat icons are missing in YouTube. The function still worked even though the icons were invisible. "I got you now...I got a picture."

7th - On YouTube, the Eastern Europe avatars prefer GMV, game music video, versus AMV, anime music video. No matter where I started the 1000 video play list, the GMVs would shuffle to the top. "You know...those aren't real people" 

6th - I am shopping online and using the keypad for number entry. The site starts to page down even though the keypad light was on. I finish the purchase using the numbers above the letters. "Oh yeah...those keys have dual functions."

6th - The Eastern Europe avatars wanted to watch "The Heroic Legend of Arslan", not my selection of "Samurai Girl". The online play button did not work for Girl, but did for Arslan. I relent and watch their selection. "Ok...I'll ask next time what to watch."

5th - The LG direct drive washer was hacked. To add clothes to the wash cycle, press the pause button, which blinks then chimes. Once the chimes ends, I open the door to add the laundry. Unfortunately, I press the paused button and the light continued to blink without chiming which meant the door would not open. I tried to have my avatar counter the hack which failed. I continued the wash and the washer works fine now. "Not the washer...I need that!"

Before December, many hacks have happened. Below are the ones that stand out.

The Blog gets avatar hacked if they don't like the post being written. The hack happens at the picture insert and is not fixable. I delete the post and restart a new one after we have the talk. "Is everyone happy? I am about to insert the picture..."

YouTube full screen was half the monitor display. I restarted the browser and it cleared.  "How is that possible..."

Tanya Luhrmann's smartphone browser was hacked during her interview of me. I told her about my blog and she decided to stop the interview and look it up. It never worked. Tanya said that sometimes it does an auto correction of the name. I checked with her avatar and he decided the blog would be viewed after the interview was done.'s left side of the site was gibberish the whole day of blog writing. "It still works...I am good with it."

The resistivity meter passed the check of the bench mat to ground, but did the exact opposite reading on the bench to ground, which is impossible because the mat is on top of the bench. I tell Liwei the bench is certified.  A mental voice says that it did not pass.  I mentally reply back, "How do you know that?", which called the avatar's bluff.  

The ESD event meter's touch-screen power button stopped working, though it worked a minute ago. I waited a few minutes and tried again and it worked just fine.  "Really...I just want to turn it off...must you..."  

MP3 player and YouTube are in shuffle mode all the time for the avatars to pick what to watch and listen to. 

My cubicle's fluorescent light flickered twice though the other lights in the immediate area had no problems. I asked if they were doing a poltergeist hack, which the avatar said yes. The lights were fine for weeks afterwards.

2016 January 12 - I will start a new one. I think the hacks are interesting though I will shorten my comments and just explain the hack. Positioning pictures in the blog is touch and go. I will be simplifying that also.
2021 March 20 - Move comment to updates, changed font, added in the record by quote

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