Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Avatar shells: 2015 list

Everyday, the avatars practice making shells of all types. My goal is to identify what is not normal about the shell. If need be, a quick record is used to check. Pictures are hard to obtain due to our quick timeline crossings. 

"Even if you know it's a shell...common courtesy is to wink and nod." Clueless Wonder

2015 December:
30th - Ben and I are at Target to purchase gifts for the Sacramento 2nd Xmas.  A cute blond with long straight hair cuts in front of us before we enter the store.  She is wearing a wool hat, scarf, long sleeve top, jeans, and fur boots. She looks and walks like a normal human, though she hesitate when inside. To avoid me, she and her avatar immediately turns right for the bathrooms to disappear. The Crow maiden begged the editor to be called cute.

29th - An old white-hair woman is crossing Park Street in Alameda with a three wheeled rear-basket bicycle. It seems normal, though she continues to stare off at an angle away from me. In the record, the bike is a bright green shell.

26th - At Echo Lake's parking lot, a Subaru hatchback car has a red retriever, a blonde cross country skier and brunette wearing snowshoes. I leave the lot but they catch up to me on the trail. I ask if the lake was ready to ski on. The blonde says the lake was not frozen yet. They are the three mountain maidens of Echo Lake. They did a great job of making their human and dog shells lifelike. Looking at the timeline, the car and ski poles are bright green shells. Also, the blonde's speech was a little off, as though she was thinking of the words versus just talking.

26th - Neighbor Al is in the opening of his fence, not moving, looking away from me. Ubol's try at a shell.

25th - Sacramento neighbor, Al, is walking his dog away from the cul-de-sac. We wave to each other as I drive up to my Mom's house in the sac. I did not suspect anything. Ibol and her friends make amazing shells. In the record, no avatars are on the man or dog.

23rd - Crossing the Marina Village Parkway are two young girls, pushing a shopping cart and a stroller with a leashed dog. It looks weird. In the record, the dog is a shell.

22nd - I am riding the bike back home on Walnut Avenue in Berkeley. I see a squirrel eating a nut sitting on a rock like a person. Usually they are on the ground scavenging.  I missed identifying it and was told that it was the shell of the day.

21st - I am at work, looking out the front lobby watching the rain come down. I see a squirrel out in the rain going under the cars out front. No squirrel would be out in this hard rain especially since there are no squirrel out front.

20th - A man with an umbrella has a small dog on a leash.  The only give away is that they crossed Shattuck Avenue away from me in front of the house. I look at the record and see the dog is a shell, which means they are both shells.

18th - I am bicycling home from work on Independence Drive in Alameda. A crow was hopping across the road which stops both a van and my bicycle. I checked the record and the crow looks real. In the record, I zoom in and see that the crow has no internal organs.

15th - I turn on the living room lights and see a deer's face in the window. Later I turn on the porch light and see a the same deer with legs. Both appear deer like.  The deer is a shell because it was too close to the window.  The deer are usually farther down the yard away from the my basement flat.

11th - In Berkeley, a red Fiat 500 is driven by a red hair man down Eunice Street while I bicycle up Walnut Street to go home. Before, at, and after the stop, the man never changes his head or body position which looks away from me. A normal person would have change body position to do a stop. Double checked the record and the car is a bright green shell.

7th - In the Posey Tube, a bicycle rider has a bag of soccer ball on his handle bars. I squeak by and end up hitting our bikes.  I look at the record and the soccer balls were bright green shells. 

5th - That morning I meet the Russian Mum avatar and her two daughters, a blond and one with black hair. Later that morning, I am putting away the shopping bags in my car's hatch which is by the garage. I look toward the street and notice blue eyed blond female jogging North on Shattuck Avenue. Before I can look away, I see black hair jogger going the other direction. After they are gone, I realize they were the daughters. They are practiced at doing shells that are lifelike. In looking at the timeline, neither has an avatar on their shoulders.

3rd - I am walking down Shattuck to the store, there is a doe and three fawns in the middle of the street. I ignore them since they are deer, but in the record, one of the fawns is a shell.

Before December, many shells have happened. Below are the ones that stand out.

I barely miss a bicycle rider who leaves the Posey tube sidewalk as though the lines were perfectly timed. The records show a bright green bicycle shell.

I am bicycling home on Independence Drive in Alameda. A man with a cane crosses the street shaking a bag up high. I think the situation is bizarre and ride on. The shell was shaking the small bag telling me that it is a gift, I do not have to guess if it is a shell.

I am attending my first BAHVN meeting in Berkeley. The facilitator mentions that it was unusual for the janitor to be still working. I feel the tap of the janitor's mop on my couch. Later I look at the timeline, the person has an avatar on his shoulders, but the mop is a bright green shell.

It's before dawn, I am bicycling down Shattuck to work. Under the street light, I see a deer standing behind a little free library stand with it's head hiding behind the book house. Deer faces are hard to do.

It's before dawn, I am bicycling down Shattuck to work. Under someone's driveway lights, I see a doe and two fawns standing like plastic animals. Making lifelike animal is hard.

I am sweeping the front sidewalk of the house. On the sidewalk on the other side of the street, a young woman walks towards the house. When she is close, she turns her hat brim down to conceal her face. I think it's weird and I realize later that faces are hard to make lifelike.

September 13th: I am at the crowded Solano Avenue Stroll and a female jogger cuts in front of me. I approach her to talk but my avatar steers my body left  to avoid contact with the shell. The record shows me as the Blue Crow maiden which almost touched the Red Crow maiden, the jogger.

I have just enter the Selby Trail off Wildcat Canyon Road. A man close to the street says, "You need to do something about the weather."  I point and give him the thumbs up saying, "Working on it.", as I go down the trail wondering what was that about. This shell is unusual because it talked to me and did not hide his face. He reappears months later on another hike as a squirrel after the house attack. He is one of the four dragons of the 12th Earth, this one, the last one.

It is night, as I stare out the basement window. I barely make out something happening just off the deck. It finally comes into view and I see this big deer. As it walks to the front, I hear it's hoofs clack on the brick pavers. Details on how a shell is made will be in the book since I got to witness it.

I walked to the Solano Andronico's Market to purchase a few groceries. Outside the store, I meet a white haired lady who asked me to purchase her some kale. I agree and we both enter the store to aquire the leafy greens.  At the checkout stand, in a soft voice, she stated the kale was for services rendered. After the purchase we part our ways. She is the Marin Circle avatar that monitors Marin Circle. In the record, her avatar convinces her to relax and that David will oblige her wishes. Remember she is a tree avatar who recently learned mental thought talk, but now she acquired vocal speech which is amazing.

2016 January 11 - added two old ones: Solano Stroll and the Century Oak, corrected the 12th Earth, finished with the 30th entry, I will start a new one for 2016.
2017 November 11 - Grammar corrections
2018 February 7 - changed oak to circle, used thread and needle to see it 
2021 March 20 - moved comment to updates, changed font

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