Thursday, December 3, 2015

Avatar 2.0: The Unstuck

  Storm Force new action pose with swords to cut tree flow lines.

 "Be safe, stay inside, or Storm Force will send a warning!" Storm Force

Avatars, storm avatar's brother, and I are chatting around a table. His sister's crying put doubt in his mind regarding his actions. His message was that people need to be safe by staying inside during a violent storm. He furthered his point with visuals, several crushed humans under trees.

I explained to him that when someone dies, you are sad. When my Dad died in a medical procedure, I was not angry with the physician, I grieved his death instead. The same happens when a person dies in a storm, people focus on the person who passed away, not the storm. Another avatar mentions that a close call from a falling tree would further his message. The person would become an advocate for being safe in dangerous conditions. He understood and agreed to work with his sister in the next storm.

Yeah, there was a lot of talk, questions, explanations, and an apology. In the end, everyone needs to be on board or the change won't stick. We work together on finding his new action pose, which is the picture above. His new motto and catch name is the post intro.

2024 May 13 - changed font, reposted pic

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