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2016 April 2-8: Avatar Finals Week

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Allow them to explore...the knowledge they find is theirs." Sensei Gwen

2016 April 2-8: Avatar Finals Week
It's finals week for avatar students. Their finals are on hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars. Both hands and viewing bubbles are a part of the online game play. The avatars take over non-player character, NPC, through viewing bubbles and me with avatar hands. There are no links for the game play, but this will change soon with my new gaming computer. 
2nd - 
Hack - The loading gif on the anime video continues though the video has loaded. In the record, the avatar pushed the active white line out of the GIF loop, bypassing the gif turn off.
Catch - My foot was caught on the steps at home.  
Cross train - 3 Undergrads, 3 Grads, V, Gwen & Daughter
3rd - 
Hack - I clicked on the Warriors' highlights video of December 11, 2015. At the video's end, I realized it was the April 1, 2016 highlights, not December's. In the record, the 3D pipe screen saver pictured above represents the YouTube matrix viewed in the record. Green line go every which way and end at small green ball of energy ready to run. They picked April's to trick me to watch the wrong one
Hack - I clicked on the anime and the screen is blank. I reload and it loads fine. In the record, the avatar flicked the line over several columns for the blank screen to appear.
4th -
Hack - In Paint's page setup, the top margin does not reduce to 0.16 no mater what I did. In the record, the 0.233 was picked for easy hack recognition.  
Catch - My foot was caught by the copier and my arm was moved. In the record, I see an avatar hand come up out of the floor to hold my foot. While capping the marking pen, an avatar hand hits my elbow which marked my hand 
Force thought - The ones used were design, adventure, sleep and audience.
5th -
Hack - At work, I clicked to close a folder, and hear the DVD tray open. I turned right and stared at the tray then looked back at the monitor and see the burn to disc window. In the record, the hack was 14 pipe twist deep to have the tray open when I close the folder.
Hack - The phone turns on at 7:31 this morning. In the record, I see an avatar finger suppress the timeline to activate the phone's LCD. The student avatar was told when to releases her finger.
Shells - At the corner of San Benito and Marin, a drab green Fiat 500 with a mom and son pulled up and drove away. In the record, the boy, the mom, and the car were shells. The boy was only the top part of an empty shell and did not move when I saw him. The car looked brand new and had a steering wheel with connecting rods to turn the front wheels. The green-yellow avatar driver was in a human shell.
Catch - My foot was held in production, and no one noticed.
Force thought - Thoughts of fantasy and adventure were used. 
Cross Train - 2 Undergrads, Shirley Hufstedler, Fay Hundgerford, 3 Grads, Hummingbird Mum
6th -
Hack - At work, I tried to close the window and the mouse arrow is gone. I used the tool bar to close the window. In the record, twenty pipe twist and three down, opens the GIF for window enlargement versus the red box for closing. When the program was opened, the hack was already attached to the window.
Catch - In RMA, my foot was held and no one noticed.
Force thought - Different types were used: gaming, location, romance and micromanager.
Record loop - I saw the black-n-white cat walk in front of my glass door. In the record, an avatar lead the cat pass my front door, then they both disappeared. Back in January, timeline maidens were the first to do loops. Record it earlier in the day and replay it later for me to see. How it works, I don't know yet.
7th - 
Hack - The blog spell checker is used as a beginner's hack lesson. The spell checker grabs a part of the word to check the spelling. See the red wiggle under the ut of without. In the record, the avatar blocks a part of the word, while the rest is checked.
Catch - Three times I was held very lightly. In the record, I see their hand move as I walk for a light hold.
Shell - At University and Shattuck, a weight challenge male slowly walks across University. In the record, the male is a human without a shoulder avatar. He is the White Dragon and all the avatars thought he was funny. 
Shell - At Shattuck and Berkeley Way, another slow moving male in a ginger beard crosses Shattuck. In the record, the Black Dragon impersonated a walking dead.
Shells - I walk back home from my hair cut on Solano by San Pablo. As part of the class finals, the student avatars had to make a shell that I would see. In the record, there were 7 female shells that were human in appearance.
Shells - At the circle, by the Centennial Oak Tree, a blond female and two small dogs walked towards me. One of the dogs circled me and barked. I put my hand down to pet and she only bumps my hand with her nose. The female say, "I don't know what got into her." As we part our ways, I reply, "Maybe they are just being rambunctious." In the record, Gwen is the blonde in a human flesh shell. Both dogs were flesh shells with Kenashi as the calm dog and Ibol as the wild dog.
Force thought - The ones used today were sleep and blog entry.

8th -
Hack - At work, I login to the site and wondered how my Brother's name was displayed on my profile. In the record, both profiles are right be each other. They pulled out different parts of each profile to display.
Hack - At work, I tried to use Adobe to print a section of the PDF and the current view print option was grayed out. I reset the program and it worked fine. In the record, there were five different settings for current view. The second from the top was a grayed out option.
Hack - At work, I resized my email window and enlarged text displayed on the side. In the record, the text,"All Unread Email" normally resided at the top box but was merged with the lower box which resized the text to the new box. 
Hack - At work, the light was turned off and on three times. In the record, I heard Gwen say to the three students, "Well done...on to the next test."
Catch - My foot was held in QA and no one saw it.
Force Thought - The thoughts of avatar shells attending an anime conventions distracted me. 
Improvement - The viewing bubble room was moved deeper for protections and requires a card key, forehead marking, to enter the room. The avatar's force thoughts were out of control. Thanks!
Improvement - The intensity of a force thought was lowered to allow recognition versus a knockout punch. This will help the eating I do to fight the force thoughts. Thanks!

Update - 2016 April 20 - Removed unreliable hack

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