Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earth Energy Replenishment - Walking Outside v. Treadmill Walking

  Walking outside versus walking on a treadmill.

"Trampolines cause a different sensation...when you get off, your Earth energy acts like a spring to settle out." Clueless Wonder

It's the end of the hour and time to do 15 minutes of rehab treadmill walking. In bare feet, the pace is 1 mile per hour which keeps it steady. At the end of the countdown, I shut off the treadmill. As soon as I step off, I immediately feel the sensation of my body moving forward for three seconds.

To understand this sensation, walking outside is compared to treadmill walking.

When I walk outside, my energy bubble stirs up the sea of energy which creates a turbulent ball flow. With a closer view of my foot, I see the Earth energy against the ground turned up with each step. At rest, with depleted reserves, the front and back of my body takes in churned up Earth energy that is all around me.

Treadmill walking has me insulated from the Earth energy below with a stationary energy bubble. As I walk on the treadmill, no energy is churned though I still deplete my reserves. When I step off and walk, a mix of energy enters from my feet and in front. My body wants more and accelerates the front intake then moves it to the back while my legs take in energy from below.

I have sensed a similar experience though it was the visual-mind event. In a car, I am at a stop light waiting for the light to turn green. Out of the corner of my eye, the car on my left starts to drift backwards. I immediately step harder on the brakes because my brain tells me that I am going forward, though my car is still.

These two sensations have something going backward that I experience. The treadmill rest prompts a rush on the energy covering my body while the drifting car trigger my brain to react. Whenever possible, always workout in the Energy sea for a full tank.

2020 December 7 - fixed quotes. Funny, this was before I realized that I was looking at DEM. I can see green going up but I don't see that they are leaves yet. We are walking trees.
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pic

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