Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2016 March 26-April 1: Solar Wind Avatars

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "To protect those we love...we will forever shield your path." Solar Wind Mum

2016 March 26-April 1: Solar Wind Avatars 
Solar Wind Mums gather Sun energy and fling out a wave to cover the solar system in a heliosphere. The wave clears a path for the Solar System's journey through the universe. A Solar Wind Mum taught the GBS avatars how to gather and fling energy waves. She brought her children to help set up other energy banks on Earth. 
26th -
Hack - At home, I turn on my computer and the yellow LED flashes as it tries to reboot over and over again. I disconnect the power for a hard boot and it still does not clear. One last try clears the issue and the computer boots up. In the record, I hear a male avatar instruct the female avatar how to undo her hack so I can use the computer.
Cross Train - 3 Daughters, Rita Gam, Maria Guthrie, Felice Maxam, West Wind Mum (Chloris), Blue Dragon
27th -
Substitution - While on the Bridge Creek Trail in Santa Cruz, a male avatar took over my body. We hiked for 5 minutes then he left. He recommended that both Ben and me lose weight. In the record, I see a white-energy blob slide into to my body. It's the second time I have meet him in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park.
Improvement - The avatar on my shoulders dragged Earth energy up both legs, pass my head, and tied a top knot. This was the first success to keep Earth energy on me. 
Cross Train - North Wind Mum (Orithyia) & Daughter, Cabbage White Butterfly, Ruth Werner, Elba Castro, Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz/UCSC and Daughter

28th -
Hack - They hack the blog spell checker. In the record, it is easy to have a correctly spelled word show up with red wiggle line at the bottom. The avatars use the blog spell checker for a beginner's hack. 
Hack - In Window's Paint, the jpg file was saved but now appears blank. I agreed to record the hack and a screen refresh allows the program to show the jpg. 
29th - Solar Wind Mum and Daughter
Hack - At work, the light was turned off for 2 seconds then back on.  In the record, I can hear the avatars talk about when to turn the light off again.

Hack - The playlist is 1000 AMVs long, but it stopped today. In the record, I can hear them talk about not upsetting Mum anymore. 
Force thought - Five distractions were used. The last three distractions entertained me and I allowed the monkey to ride.
Dreams - I am in a warehouse and I need to decide whether to truck or plane the wedding supplies.
30th -
Hack - Two glitches happened in email. The left one was a font blow up in the email side bar. In the right, the contact window appears in a non-email folder. In the record, both were temporary hacks and cleared once the screen shots were done.
Shell - Driving home, a gorgeous ginger female walks North on Shattuck. In the record, she was covered with green Earth energy and had a shoulder avatar. The human was the Blue Dragon while the shoulder avatar was the Hummingbird Mum.
Shell - On my hike up Marin, I saw an empty beer bottle in the sidewalk greenery. Coming back down the hill, it was gone. In the record, I can see two eyes on the bottle surface. They have started to create surveillance shells that are hook up to a bubble viewer. This started back with the crows not being shells with avatars.
31th -
Dream - I am a puppy dog, and see the homeowner open a screen door and two chickens come out. I duck under the open door as the owner sweeps the steps with a straw broom.
April 1st
Hack - At work, I login into Oracle and get an error message. I try again and it works. In the record, there are dozens of error messages for the avatar to flick up. This one was the third from the top.
Hack - At work, on Friday, I delete all emails and ghost emails show on the Cc. I click back and forth and out comes the 21 email that were buried at the exchange. The ghost emails were one to two years old, yet every Friday I delete all emails. In the record, the avatar posted the quantity of ghost emails for me to find so I can delete them.
Hack - In my cubicle, the light at work turn off and on three separate times. In the record, I hear avatars talk about the timing the hack when no one is around. 
Force thought - After the third light hack, I get a force thought to check out the light. Sorry, been there...done that.  
Hack - At work, other people's avatars have started to hack their human's computer, though the hacks are not temporary. Joel's avatar frozen his program which made him reboot his computer
Catch - My foot was held in an empty hallway.   
Shell - On my walk up Marin, an older female in a red top crossed in front of me at Euclid Avenue. In the record, I see a golden avatar in a human skin shell, who was worried that she did not wear a bra.
Shell - On the way down, I stop at San Benito as a small red car pulls up with two young females, which turns down Marin. In the record, two blue Mayan avatars were helped by Gwen to drive the car shell. 
Improvement - No more force thoughts while I do my online blogs. Thanks! 
Improvement - Figured out exactly how many squeegee strokes to dry the shower wall. Thanks!
Cross Train - Mum & Daughters, Maria Jones, Maggie Gee, Zaha Hadid, Humming Bird Mum & Daughter, GIA and Daughter

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