Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016 March 19-25: The 2nd Planet of the Twelve - The Pyramid Builders

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Our calendar is is a new beginning." Ixchel.

2016 March 19-25: The 2nd Planet of the Twelve The Pyramid Builders
I asked them, "Why pyramids?" They said their planet consist of rock, water, but no trees.  They mastered stone craving in their world and found it easy to continue the practice in the new world. 
I asked, "Why did they come here?" They said they were invited to check out the tree planet, Earth. Trees are new to them which is true for other worlds.
19th -
Catch/Phantom noise - At home, to awake up from a nap, I have an avatar either move me or make a noise that I can hear.   
Shell - In the shower, on the back wall, is a spider, which I made sure not drown, though I wonder how it gets food. In the record, it's a shell connected to a bubble viewer for beginner's practice on movement and sight.
Cross Train - 3 Cat Egyptians & 3 Rabbit Mayans, Betty, Rita Burns, Baset 
20th -
Force thought - Both sleep and distract were used as I finished the post entry. 
Substitution Oops - My son, Jon, was downstairs to borrow tools and I use the third person to talk about David's tools. 
Substitution Interrupt - At the day's end, I tried to convince Jon to change something he built but I got off on a tangent. After a couple of minutes, I decided to interrupt the avatar and say, "Where am I going with this?" It allowed a break for Jon to leave and the avatar to finish out the day.
21th -
Force thought - Distract was the main one used to stop me from working.
22nd -
Hack - At work, the new avatars wanted an example of a hack and someone showed them how to blank out the Oracle window.
Saying Hi - At work, through the office window, I wave and mentally say hi to the avatar duck guide who watches over the male and female Mallards out front.
Shell - Going home on Independence Drive, I saw three Mallard ducks. Two black males chased after a female as they walked around the parked car just in time for me to see. I stared because I had never seen black males with pronounced curly tail feathers. In the record, I saw three ducks and a guide that lead them back to the lawn. I followed the record and all four disappear after they entered the shrubs. I looked closer at the ducks and they were a different type of shell that I can not see through. In the record, I talked to the guide and she assured me that I can figure it out. It was Ra, the female duck, followed by her two daughters, Harthor and Sekhmet. She chose Mallards because she liked the curl tail feather, which is similar to her symbol.
Shells - Driving home North on Shattuck, I stopped at Virginia Street to allow a female to cross. At Eunice Street, there is another female on the sidewalk. With the car garaged, an older female walked North on the Shattuck sidewalk with her hands folded. In the record, they are avatars in human skin shells. The street crosser was Hathor, a blue avatar, while her red avatar sister, Sekhmet, was on Eunice. The Mum was at the house, a golden avatar. 
Cross train - Mayan Ixchel with Rabbit and Snake, Stellar Blue Jay, Hathor, Sekhmet, Ra
23rd -
Force thought - Driving home, I agreed with the force thought to go down Walnut Street
Shells - On Walnut, a white economy car is driven by an older woman on a smart phone. At Rose, the car leaves too early and cross traffic stops for her to pass. In the record, Ra drives Hathor and Sekhmet, who were both excited to be in a car shell. The car's record ends at Shattuck where the car disappears.
Shells - From home, I walk to the Solano grocery store to buy chip dip. At the checkout counter, a woman asked if I wanted to go first, though I declined. Walking home, I passed a young female at the bus stop. As I crossed Marin at Shattuck, I saw a lady with her dog at the street corner. In the record, all three were humans without a shell or a shoulder avatar. The counter woman, Ixchel, was a golden avatar. The bus girl was a blue avatar and the corner lady was the Mum again. It turns out that her daughter was having trouble making a human body. Ixchel saw time was running out and makes a dog shell for her.
Timelines - For the above shell readings, I was only able to view the physical part of the record until my avatar lent me her eyes to view the avatar world in the timeline.
24th -
Catch - I was held twice, once in the break room and the other in QA, and no one saw either of them.
Force thought - At work, my mind blanks three time. In the record, the monkey is a white haze that floods my energy bubble. 
Hack - Twice, my cubicle light turns off, then on. In the record, I see an avatar flick each time.
Hack - At work online, I checked a red Google notification (pretend the black circle is red) though nothing was there. In the record, the avatar has a choice of several different potential colors for the background.
Shell - Driving home on Shattuck Avenue, the female bicyclist looked off to her right to avoid my gaze. In the record, she is a golden avatar in a human skin shell.
Shells - With the car in the garage, I saw a female book reader walk South on Shattuck and a female jogger go North. In the record, they both have human skin shells. The reader was a violet avatar, while the jogger was red.
25th - Ra and Ixchel want to visit my Mom.
Force thought - I drive to Sacramento with the boys to visit my Mom for Easter. The drive along Hwy 80 becomes mentally stressful. When we reach Sacramento, I instantly wake up as though nothing was wrong. In the record, I have new friends to make. They live just outside the reach of the wave machine and shared their joy by piling force thought after force thought on top of me. There is weight to the pile as I shrink shorter while I drive. The Sacramento avatar was told by me to wait before she clears the pile. To understand, I need to experience the pile.

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