Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 April 9-15: Rehabilitation Week

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Yeah, I know how to's a baker's dozen." David

2016 April 9-15: Rehabilitation Week
I injured myself carrying groceries to my flat. The students have a new project, get me well. 

9th to 11th - Rehab in Sacramento.
12th - Rehab in Berkeley. 
13th - Rehab in Berkeley. 
Death - The Queen of the 13th planet of the Twelve has given up her physical body. 
Shell - At 908 Shattuck, a crow lands on the ground, another lands in the tree, while a bird of prey glides overhead. In the record, a crow avatar goes inside, while the crow avatar in the tree guards the grounds and the bird of prey avatar watches from the air. They are have come to assist with the Queen's departure.
Shell - After several trips, I finally have the correct key to let the dog back into the Queen's home. As I leave, the dog rubs its neck several times on the Queen's empty bed. In the record, I see a golden Queen laid on a bed of white linens attended by the crow avatar. Where the real dog was, I do not know.
Shell - I walk the neighborhood to help the rehab. On the walk, I pass by Sara Holmes who is outside gardening her greenery. She is looking away and I decide not to bother her. An hour later, I went for another walk and pass by Sara again but stop to talk. I notice that she used a small yellow rag to put the pickings on. She asked me if I was bicycling to work and I said no because the Posey tube was under repair. She asked what I did last weekend and I tell her how I pulled my lumbar muscle. She tells me to use a pain relief ointment and ibuprofen to reduce the swelling to allow the muscle to heal. I said that I would do that. She tells me that as we get old, we need to take care of ourselves. I mention that a neighbor on the street has passed away which she acknowledged. We say our goodbyes as I continue my rehab walk. 
Before I do the record review, there are few things that did not make sense. Sara was still at the same location on the second walk with plant pickings on a rag. I remember driving by a few days later and saw her use a small bucket for weeding. She had a neutral reaction to the neighbor's death. 
In the record, I see a human person with a shoulder avatar. I am stumped. I think about it for a few day and then look at it again. This time I pull up the record of my conversation with her and one where I was at the Marin Circle talking to her. When both records were side by side, the shoulder avatars of each record started to bicker with each other. The reason for the neutral reaction to the death was because it was her death. 
Cross train - Queen of the 13th and her Three Aspects
14th - Rehab in Berkeley.
Catch - At home, my foot was slightly held. In the record, I hear the Queen say that was fun. 
Improvement - Followed the Queen's advice and overnight I was healed. Wow! 
15th -  
Shell - I go outside to deposit my trash at the curb bins. Two motorcyclist on black bikes in black attire roar down Shattuck. In the record, the White and Black Dragons passed by to pay their respects to the Queen.
Cross train - Redwood, Ring-necked Pheasant, Marian Gruhler, Carquinez Bridge, Amtrak, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs, Ginger Female and Avatar
Timelines - All of a sudden, on the toilet, I am sitting at meeting on the Dog Planet. They are talking about accounting figures of commerce. I speed through the timeline to avoid the boring part of the numbers. To get fresh air, I teleported everyone outside the meeting hall onto the lawn. I was asked about my leg stuck in the ground and I pull them up to look normal. Then I notice two female dog faced human on each arm who were betrothed to me. 
Timelines - I talk to the Queen of the 13th Planet. She hands over all her records along with a miniature model of her planet. The records were added to the Mercury library while the planet record was added to the record of the Twelve. 
Improvement - The avatars did an excellent rehab. Thanks!

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