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2016 April 23-29: Spiral Arm Maidens

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "The Catholic Church was correct...Earth is the center of the universe...for emotions." Black Hole Maiden

This week's avatars rather not list any practice. I see their point, some of the practice does not apply to their work. After we talked, we compromised to list dragon shells, cross train, improvements and anything extra ordinary. They completed everything, but wanted a longer story.

Arm of spiral galaxy - 2014 April

April 23-29: Spiral Arm Maidens
Object tracking: At the end of the spiral arm, maidens are stationed with their Mom at the center. The Mom, a Black Hole Maiden, sends a part of herself in a golden streak to collide with every large object. Her rounds continue forever with a parts of her always on the move throughout the arm.  All information instantly reports back to her at the black hole. The Spiral Arm Maiden accompanies her Mom on their rounds.
After her first visit, she brought several planet maidens to the house. I talked to the planet maidens and they said that she acts different. Instead of colliding with our planets, she affectionately touched us, then went to the next avatar. They wanted to see why she had changed.
Now, with many children to share the work, the Black Hole Maidens spend more time at each star, planet, moon, comet, asteroid, nebulae, dust, neutron star, and black hole, while they do their rounds.
23rd -
Shell - It's morning and I took the recycling to the curb bins. Going South on Shattuck, a motorcyclist on a green bike roared down the street. In the record, I talked to the Green Dragon who had a female avatar with her arms around him. The bike was a shell and made real bike noises. The female avatar looked familiar and I compared her face against one of the Red Dragon. With both faces side by side, the avatar face winked, then the Dragon's faces said "Don't tell him."
24th -
Viewing bubbles - Online gaming just took a leap. Spiral Maidens help record the location of millions of objects on their rounds. Online gaming tracks several thousands objects. Nuke missile evasion was simplistic for them, though the score was lower.
Shell - Driving down Marin to the circle, I saw a male with a green backpack run up Marin. In the record, I saw the invisible Red Dragon push the Green Dragon up the hill. 
Cross train - Mum & Daughter, Barbara Monro, Anne Louise, Gunild Walsh, Sun Mom & Daughters
26th -
Shell - On Shattuck, going home from work, a female in a small white convertible drove ahead of me. In the record, the car shell was translucent. I see the color of my car and the surroundings but the shell was a mirror which reflects the surrounding. Red says that the reflective coat is the frame of the car. She also gave me another boob hug.
Timelines - The tire pressure sensor came on again and the wheels looked fine. The Maidens looked at the my car's timelines and shared them with me. I still need to figure out how to own the machine timelines.
Cross train - 4 Mums & 4 Daughters, Black Hole Maiden
27th -
Shell - Driving home on Shattuck, I saw a female completely covered with a yellow mask. In the record, the avatar wore a skin shell.
29th - 
Shells - At University, a green t-shirt guy and the woman with a red Mohawk crossed in front of me. I know they are the Green and Red Dragons, but why so many visits?  I open the record, and we started to talk. Green is the teacher of Red and she needs practice in body creation. Also, I need more practice in identification of different shell types. 
Improvement - All force thoughts end after the 2nd hour at work. Thanks!
Improvement - Fridays are the playoffs for online gaming. May the best avatar team win.

2016 June 17Added Ubol's record since the schism was mentioned. Added that the cut was on my soul.  Made the dialog stand out better. Minor grammar changes. 
2016 October 11 - Extracted the story of my appearance in the black hole. There is more to add and it made the post too long. 
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pic

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