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April 30 - May 6: Maidens from Dog Planet

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars. 
As mentioned in a prior post, not all the practice will be listed to allow more time for their story. 
Mr. Rose by Bubble Wolf: Though the picture shows a badger, wolf and fox, it closely depicts their current culture.

Quote: "We protect those who brave the sea of trepidation...never to be alone." Princess Poodle

April 30 - May 6: Maidens from Dog Planet 
Why Earth?  
Many beings from different planets were invited to the tree planet, Earth. The Dog people aided the evolution of domestic dogs to safeguard the world for humankind. They are forever patience and hold no malice towards humans regardless of their treatment. They desire to bring happiness to Earth people on our life's journey. 

Dog person's remnants in Earth domestic dogs
Inside each Earth dog, a Dog person's remnant guides the dog through their life. At the birth of a litter of pups, a remnant of the female Dog person of the birthing Earth dog descends into each pup. After the pups are weaned, she chooses one or more female pups to continue her line, while the rest are given to other Dog people to shepherd. At death, the Dog person's remnant is collected and brought back to their planet. The remnants look and behave like little puppies and are used to enhance a new Dog person's soul. 

Treatment of bad puppies - 
Many of the puppy remnants are tainted with undesirable human emotions due to their treatment on Earth. Cleansing energy baths are now located on Dog planet to renew all remnants for Dog soul creation. 

The Wedding of the Beagle and Poodle -
I physically attend the wedding though it was on the Dog planet. The location of the hallway and living room are mirrored sites on a lawn under a weeping willow tree. When cued, I stepped down two steps, turned left, and walked forward to join Princess Poodle and hold hands. In front of us, a golden retriever minister in white vestments directed us to exchange vowsI am still in my living room and on Dog planet, as Princess Poodle licks my beagle head. In the record, on Dog planet, my beagle self waited on the top of two wooden steps under the tree. As soon as my Earth self joined with my beagle self, I emitted a golden hue on the Dog planet which was my Earth energy bubble. The hue remained as longs as I stay connected to my beagle self.

Dog Records -  
All timelines of domestic Earth dogs are keep on the Dog planet by their record keepers. Just now, a record keeper put the paw print on my forehead, which allows me access to all Dog timelines. 

Dog Planet Portal -
There is a big willow tree in my living room. Avatars walk through the tree trunk to go between Earth and the Dog planet. The tree appears when access in needed. 

Dog comments -  
After all these years, they still think we look funny because we lack fur. The nickname they gave us is Xolo.
"Dog is my co-pilot" phrase embarrasses the Dog people, but are grateful for the compliment. 

30th -
Dragon shells - While filling the car with gas on Solano, I see a mom in a red button top and her son in a green t-shirt cross the street. In the record, Red and Green took another stroll on the human planet. Neither of them have shoulder avatars.
Shell - A raven lands in the backyard, though he does not go for the peanuts. I go to my desk and sit to receive a hand delivered invite to the wedding. I RSVP'd the invite and gave it back to the messenger. In the record, the raven was a shell for the messenger. 
Cross train - Princess Poodle, 3 Hand Maidens, Red Dragon 
4th - 
Cross train - 5 Mums, Ibol Remnant, Blue Hummingbird 
5th - 
Dragon shells - A red haired mom and a child wearing green clothes crossed Berryman Street in front of my car. In the record, I see a human mom with an shoulder avatar and a human boy.  With a closer look, the avatar has legs and is the Blue Dragon on the shoulder of the Red Dragon, while the boy is the Green Dragon.
5-9th -
Hack - The cubicle light finally went out Thursday, though the bulb was good. It is Monday morning and the light is still off. I need to decided, "Do I delete all the light hack post?" because the light fixture is defective. Then for no reason, the light turns on. In the record, the true patience of Dog people was displayed. There was a Dog avatar blocking the green potential line to turn the light on. He let it go Monday morning. 
Improvement - Extra shaving cream in one hand helped the shaving process. Thanks! 
Playoff Scores - Mum 1, Kids 3

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