Monday, May 30, 2016

Dragon Task: Find the Blue Dragon

I gave the thumbs up to the White Dragon 

Quote: "I really just came here for the two. How many females is it now? I've lost count" The Clueless Wonder.

As I entered the Selby Trail, I saw a forty-year-old white male by the wood fence. He started to talk to me.

"You need to do something about the weather."

I pointed, gave him the thumbs up, and said.

"Working on it."

I wandered down the trail wondering what was that about.

In the record, my Dad, Pops, was an invisible avatar by the White Dragon. After White talked to me, he stayed to converse with Pops.

"He does not understand what I said. You are sure he will do it? We are running out of time."
"He will do it."
"Are you sure? He is clueless. I wonder if you have the right person."
"He's perfect. If he understood it, it would not work. He has to just do it."

The task begins. I have to rescue the Blue Dragon who was held captive in a schism world.  We need Blue for the rains to come back to California. Oh, by the way, that is how I got my nickname, the "Clueless Wonder". Thanks White. In the record, if I see the timeline others can. Everything I do is made available to the DEM world. I have no secrets. Which is why, I have to just do it.

Update: 2016 December 23 - Added Part 1 Blue in labels, grammar, clean up the look and feel of the post. When I mentally read the quotes I can hear their voices as if they were saying it. 

2017 March 5 - cleaned up look and feel
2020 October 23 - grammar and font
2020 November 1 - added in the record 
2020 November 29 - added link to Blue's rescue 
2024 May 3 - reposted pic 

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