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2016 May 21 - June 10: Earth Avatars - Mantle Mums and Golems

  Earthquake loosen material for the golem creation.

Quote: "We prefer cross training to create a new's much more exciting." Mantle Mums

2016 May 21 - June 10: Earth Avatars - Mantle Mums and Golems
Last year, I meet an Earth golems out on the Pacific Crest Trail. This year, their Mums showed up at the house and wanted to know why their golem children looked and acted different. For the next few weeks, the Mantle Mums and Golems will tell their stories.

Golem creation:
Before an earthquake, the mantle pairs decided what golem material to loosen. During the earthquake, the loosen material breaks off and floats upward. After the earthquake, the mantle pair gathered material between their hands. With shared minds, a male and female energized the mass. As they moved further apart, an adult golem took shape between their hands. Once completed, the new golem is trained by the female golem.

Golem info: 
- Golems are the children of the Mantle people.
- Since the Mantle people and their children are avatar, they are not visible to human eyes.
- Golems are found around forest, mountains and live volcanoes.
- They maintain the processes of Earth's crust and mantle.
- The mantle folks are brownish, while the golems are grayish in color. Both are golems.

Golem types:
The Bigfoot or Sasquatch is a forest golem. The abominable snowperson or Yeti is an earth crust golem or simply earth golem. We never see lava golems when they come up top because their skin has a natural sunscreen. When folks see a forest or earth golem on land, they appear shaggy because they wear a body suit for protection from the Sun's energy. When I was at the galvanize plating factory, my shoulder avatar and I saw a different type of lava golem, a metal golem. Those details are for another post.

Mantle males were indifferent to life on the Earth's surface. GAIA had several conversations with the Mantle men about gentle loosening of golem material, though her words did not change their actions. Her next step was to invite the Mantle Mums to the house and see how life could be different. After a cross training session, the female avatars agreed on the new approach to golem creation, which was the old method, long forgotten.

The old method:
The destruction of the Orange planet, a.k.a the asteroid belt, changed the collective avatar minds on emotions. Emotions were branded as destructive which altered all avatar processes and themselves. The good news is that the Mantle Mums desire to raise golem children, which was the old way, but now, the new way.

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