Sunday, May 8, 2016

Avatar Car: How they work

Quote: The future is not the Jetsons' flying car, but Fred's footmobile...Yabba Dabba Doo!

It's evening, Mom, Dad, brothers, sister, and I are gather around the black and white TV to watch the latest episode of the Flintstones.

In the record, in their secret cave on Venus, Ibol, Kenisha, and Gwen skipped their homework to watch human television via Ibol's remnant in me. 
In the view bubble, Gwen blinked upon seeing Fred's footmobile. "I could make that."
Both Ibol and Kenisha turned and sarcastically replied, "Right!" and continued to watch the view bubble TV. 
Gwen would not let it go. "You can. There is Earth energy on all the land. You just have to scoop it up and use it."

How does Gwen's avatar version of Fred Flintstones's footmobile work?


In the top left, a car shell has a cut away view to see the engine.
The car engine is two wheels with a control tube that connects them. 

In the top right, is a close up of a wheel on the ground which constantly seeps Earth energy.  Inside the wheel are four ball scoops to gather the energy. The wheel's principal is similar to a magnet. The empty balls want energy to complete themselves and are attracted to the ground, which moves the wheel forward. With the balls and tube thinly coated with Water energy, the Earth energy drains from the balls to the control tube where it leaks out holes to the ground.

The bottom left shows how the
control tube works. The tube between the wheels is used to vacate or flood the wheels with energy. With the foot off the tube, the tube fills and drains with the energy from the wheels, which allows the car to go forward. When the foot presses the tube to the ground, it fills with Earth energy and floods the wheels to stop them. 

The bottom right is how you start the car. You guessed it, you push the car forward with your feet. The car is at rest and needs a slight push to get the scoops to rotate. Once the car is in motion, it stays in motion as long as there is Earth energy on the ground for the scoops. 

It was not until today that Gwen reminded everyone where she got her ideal for the perpetual motion car that runs on Earth energy. Currently she is working on a car that runs on Water energy. When it is finish, we are all going on a car trip to Hawaii.

2019 December 31 fixed quote structure. Okay, I knew about DEM back then. LOL  
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