Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Golem Process - Natural Disasters

San Francisco Earthquake 1906

Quote: "Forgive us...for we know not what we do." Golem Race

Do you think natural disasters are accidental in nature? 

The Great Kantō earthquake 1923 happened at the perfect time, right before lunch with all the open fire pits red hot to burn the town down with many human deaths.

The Northridge earthquake of 1994 happened at 4 a.m. with lots of destruction and some human deaths.

The Napa earthquake of 2014 happened at 3 a.m. with little destruction and one human death.

So why did the golem race change from all out war on the humans to sparing the humans?
There are three main reasons.
The first answer was that they were lied to by a dark box man. In the record, he predicted many half truths that hurt the golem race and told the golems to wipe out the humans.
Second, the creator of the golem race, a box man, who was created by a gray folk, Bart's people. In the record, Bart and his kin are now taking on human flesh bodies to live on Earth.
Third, since some of their land is now unlivable, the golem desire to live topside on the Earth surface. In the record, the golem race want to team up with us on the topside.

 2017 July 4 - add list of earthquakes and question
2017 November 12 - Changed title from avatar to golem
2020 April 27 - answered question
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