Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 7: Music in my Head

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Music in My Head: Music Forms
In my teen years I heard music in my head. At first, it was the current song that I heard. Later it became any song that I heard. I never questioned that I heard music in my head without a tape player, radio, or record player. I assumed that everyone heard music in their head.

In Ibol’s records, I saw her lying down on the cave stone bench away from her viewing bubble pedestal. Due to my love of records, she had her own collection of song forms she could replay for me at any time.

Note that the emotion filter cap was laying against the pedestal. In order for her to be in contact with me from a distance, she had to take off the filter. The filter protected all Venusians from the emotions of the Human race. All Venusians have a cave called an emotion fallout shelter to connect with their human. This is similar to a human bomb or nuclear fallout shelter on Earth.

2021 May 14 - I still hear music in my head. Some of it is the student practice on my, other times I forget to turn on the white noise.

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