Sunday, June 24, 2018

Golem Express - Part 3: Make a Transport Stand

Quote:  "We will work with him to create the new mode of transportation, the golem express." Transport Mum.

I imagined Earth energy flowing through my feet to my fingers then around the pencil to create a flat stand around the base of the pencil. I let go and the pencil fell down. 
In the record, before I can do the golem express I have to make my own transport stand of Earth energy. This may take a while. 
Okay, I know what I was doing wrong. 
I did not know about the gravity threads holding everything physical thing down on Earth.  
I think I can actually have a pencil float in midair if I can separate the gravity anchor from the pencil and replace it with a different stilt of DEM.
Once I do this successfully, I can do the same to me. 
No more human 5% transit.  

I keep looking at the record of my trying to balance the pencil. 
In the record, with my bare hands, I can pull apart the eraser from the gravity anchor. 
Both the eraser and gravity anchor are the size of my hand for examination. 
I noticed a DEM sound of when they are together versus apart. 
The together sound is "nannnnnnnnn". 
The separation sound is "nunnnnnnnnn". 
I put the two together several time and the sounds repeat. 
I place my head in between the two and feel a DEM energy. 
I repeat this several times with the same result. 

I was aware of his existence for sometime. I finally decided to ask the gravity avatar several questions. 

"Can you take the gravity anchor off the pencil?"
"Can you take the gravity anchor off me?"
"Can I take the gravity anchor off me?"
"Can I take the gravity anchor off the pencil?"
I look at the pencil and gravity anchor record again. 
Prior to speaking to the gravity avatar, the space between the pencil and anchor was empty with a few small light particles going in and out at the eraser side. 
Now, there is a golden DEM in the space between the two.  
In the record, I could not see it but I felt it with my head. I guess once touch always in touch allowed me to interact with the golden DEM since I have made contact with the gravity avatar.

Again, the goal is to make pencils float in midair, then to do it to myself. 
I need to find transportation that is outside of what the rest of humanity uses because it would the safest for humanity and me to travel.

2023 July 30 - change font, added link, why I failed.
2023 August 5 - added "I keep looking..."

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