Sunday, May 3, 2020

DEM View: Where is the virus?

"Once touched, always in touch allowed David to see the virus." Pale Dragon Queen

My neighbors are heading back East to live rent free while their jobs are closed by the pandemic. I agreed to store some of their belongs while they are gone. They left the bags of clothes on the outside deck to avoid getting a virus infection from me since I am in quarantine. I move their belongings inside and take a clairvoyant look at what I brought in. 

All of their stuff has the virus on it. The white trash bags are red tinted. The table is dusted with red on the top but the bottom is clean. Everything is covered in red. Within a day, the table is virus free. Within three days the clothes bags are white again.

In the record, as they walked back to drop off more of their belongings, I took a clairvoyant look at their lungs. They were full of red tinted virus.
I don't understand how they are able to cover all their items. It is as though they are producing the virus, but they are asymptomatic.

In the record, little did I know, the virus is here to stay. 
2023 August 9 - changed font, reposted pic

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