Sunday, May 17, 2020

Cold Shower Regimen: Physical Benefits

"We can buff you up, when the heat is off." Wiggle Queen & King

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It is Wednesday and I arrive at work. Once inside the door, I go over to the medical check in table. I am asked what symptoms I have and tell them I have sore throat. I am told to go home, though my temperature was around 97F. Once at home, I take my temperature with the Kinsa and get 98.8F. Both the office and home temp were higher than normal, but they are not a fever temperature. Two hours later I had my 4th course of the virus. In the record, with a nice thick dark energy layer on my skin, all temperature readings are lower.

In the picture above, if a house is well insulated, less energy is wasted to keep the house at comfortable temperature. The same is true for the thick layer of Dark Energy, DE, on the outer skin surface.

With a regimen of cold shower every day and the avoidance of red shards of man made steam, one can achieve a thick layer of DE. The benefits are listed below that I have experienced.  Also, DEM is Dark Energy & Matter. The green DE layer in humans is called Leaf energy because the layer is made of individual leaves.

Note: I will continue to add to this post when I notice something new. Read updates at the very bottom for what is new.

Workout: A cold shower is a work out. While showering, I am hit by long strands of Wiggle energy that are hitting my body inside and out. Prior to the shower, I always poop just in case a Wiggle strand causes me to poop while showering.  Proper breathing is necessary or the Wiggle strand can over take your body. You want the strand to go in and renew your respiratory Wiggle strands, but the intake needs to be through your nasal cavities. After the shower, I always stand tall. In the record, the Wiggle energy is pushing your physical body back to the shape of your DEM soul. Yes, it is a workout.

Cold shower water: With a thick layer of Leave energy on your body, a cold shower feels cold but you do not shiver. In the record, no two DE can occupy the same space.

Always warm: I place my hand over my eye socket to squeeze out the DE into the socket area. My face is always warm, never cold.

Wider temperature comfort: Folks normal comfort range is 65-75F. My comfort range is in the mid 40F. I am not sure of the high range, because it is still winter. I will update the post when summer is here.

Insulated hands: I can pick up hotter stuff than normal. I can put my arms in areas that are hotter than normal.

Hair color returns: This I find hard to believe but my dark hair color is coming back on my face and head. I was not sure and email my brother to ask what color was their facial hair, which they replied mostly white. My decision on this attribute may change as time progress.

Nail fungus: I tried several remedies to heal my nail fungus, though none worked. Now, all my nails are healing up nicely. In the record, my DE layer was very thin on my finger tips. Once the DE layer was thicken on my hand, my nail bed has finally grown back to normal.

Damage Fingers and toes heal: I still find this amazing. I had dropped a piece of bar stock on my right big toe thirty some years ago which resulted in a small nail bed. It is now growing back all the way.

Reduced mucus production: Yeah, the running nose is gone. Phlegm only occurs in the shower when I accidentally force water down my throat. In the record, I use clairvoyance to see my respiratory plumbing coated with a white lining of Wiggle strands. 

Facial hair sensitivity: With the increase of DE layer on the face, I can have a beard that does not bother me. In the days, prior to cold shower, my beard would itch me constantly.  Now the beard is inside the DE layer. Most of the time I am unaware that I have a beard.

Hiccup more frequently: I replenish my inner Wiggle energy with cold shower. The excess was either spat out or ingested. In the record, both the red shards and excess Wiggle energy are dissolved inside the stomach's digestive juices. The white Wiggle energy dissolved quickly and cause hiccups. The red shards took around 10 days to dissolve. The the record, I looked at my stomach record while I watched the sun rise and set for the day count.

Any skin issue: I do not have this problem, but I would guess that it would disappear with a nice thick layer of green Leave energy on the person.

Sexual stamina: The current thought is to take a cold shower to kill any sexual urges. Well, it the opposite with a regimen of cold shower and it makes sense why it is true. A human body has several different DE and DM. The wiggle energy will buff up and concentrate those energies and matters. The red energy around the scrotum is condensed by the Wiggle energy buffing during a cold shower. In fact, scrotum and penis rarely feels any cold. It is as through the water was not there. (The stamina was confirm by various female avatars, dragons and golems.)

Butt scratching: Okay, this may sound odd, but I scratch my butt checks often to get out the dead hair follicles. I don't get butt zits often, but there is nothing to get the dead follicles out. So I have to scratch them out. And if I don't get them out it feels like this small shaft jabbing my butt check. So you have to really work, a.k.a. scratch, to get them out. Sorry for the tmi.

Extra benefits:
No red mold: It seem that the red shards latch on to the tub, tiles, and shower curtains. This allow a location for mold to grow. A switch to cold water and the red mold is gone.

Living space mold: This too seem to have disappeared. I originally purchased an air purifier to reduce the m
old in the other living spaces outside the bathroom. The problem seems to be gone.

2020 May 16 - I use a "W" for Wiggle energy because all of DEM has a voice.
2020 May 22 - grammar
2020 May 30 - wordage, added toe pic 2020 August 13 - added butt scratching
2020 November 7 - changed low 50F to mid 40F
2020 December 1 - grammar
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2024 March 15 - changed leave to leaf

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