Friday, May 1, 2020

War Dragons: Don't mess with dragons.

"We are here to help the human race. Please accept our guidance." Freedom Dragon

Below are pictures from two different National Geographic show about stuff hidden under the sea that I was watching while I shelter in place.
In the record, when a miracle happen, it was planned.

Above are the remains of Kubla Khan’s Mongol missing fleet. The Mongol fleet arrived on the Japanese coast in the late summer of 1281, which was typhoon season. Khan's fleet were river boat used for shallow waters and were missing a deep kill, which is important for boat stability in choppy waters. When the Kamikazes typhoon hit the fleet, most all flipped over and sank. The Japanese dragon, Kamikazes, which means God wind, saved the Japanese people from the invasion.

The Freedom dragon, (a.k.a. Washington DC dragon), blew the US Army landing at Utah beach off course to secure a safer landing area. The increased waves action flooded the canvas flotation screen of the aquatic Sherman tanks trying to land at Omaha beach. In the record, the Dragon knew the U.S. battleships had not taken out the German gun posts at Omaha beach. The Dragon had looked at the timeline of the tanks and saw that they were not useful for taking the beach head.

In the record, the dragons work with the Mask King and the Soul Collectors as a team. 
2023 August 9 - changed font, reposted pic

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