Sunday, May 3, 2020

DEM view: Asymptomatic People

This me thinking out loud. 
I want to get this out so others can think about it also.

I do not think we can every get rid of the COVID-19 virus.  
In a previous post, I mentioned that a pair of neighbors dropped off their virus covered belongs for storage at my place.
They appeared to be asymptomatic people.
Also, I did not understand how it was possible that everything was covered with a fresh layer of the virus. It was fresh because it took 1-3 day for the virus to go away.
If I had to guess, they are producing the virus but at such a low level that its livable. 
How do I know? 
Well, everything they left was red-pink in color, which means it the virus minus the dark energy bubble. 
Also, inside their lung was a red color, but the virus DE bubble is brown red.

Remember the pic below from this post. There is the DEM virus sitting on red shards on a layer of alveoli dark energy. Below that is the actually alveoli. 
Let's say the dark energy bubble of the virus is popped by the red shard. 
Think about it, if it can wear down the alveoli dark energy layer, it can do any DE. 
Once popped, the dark matter virus has to get past the shards, migrate through the alveoli DE layer, then it can make it into the alveoli. 
Both the shards and the DE alveoli layer will take out the majority of the virus provided the layer is thick. 
I would imagine it would be a small percentage that would make it.
Once in, it would reproduce, but without the dark energy bubble. 
Now it makes sense why all their stuff and their lung were red in color.

The only way to defeat this and other virus is to stop the inhalation of red shards. 
I will redo this post later then delete this one.  
2023 July 25 - changed font, reposted pics

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