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Venusian Avatar Life - The Binding Ceremony and the En Masse Divorce

"The golden rules binds the Venusians but does not foster love in a world of immortals." King David of Venus

Yes, this is the Anasati residence. I picked a Venusian home type, simple and modular.

Avatar Venusian Life - The Binding Ceremony and the En Masse Divorce 
Awake at 4 a.m. on a Tuesday, I wondering why Gwen, Ibol, and the Black Dragon attended the BAHVN meeting yesterday, on July 18th 2016. Then it hits me, Ibol was already given to a Venusian male before we meet. She came to the meeting to tell me in person that she was bound to someone else. My world is in a panic. Have I been strung along? Who is this husband that has never shown his face? "Can I kill him?" Ibol is mine, how is this possible.  

I cry my way to work. I need to pull myself together before I enter the building. I was worthless at work, getting the minimal done. At home, it's my day with the boys, which does not end until 10 p.m. I prepare my lunch and clothes for work. It's 10:30 p.m. I have a half hour to set everything straight, but I already have. 

I sit at the my bedroom desk and on the throne in the Audience Chamber on Venus. I have four timelines to show to win back Ibol. I address the gathering of Venusians who are tied to the records.

The first record - The fortune cookie
The first record is a the double sided pane record. One side showed her unhappy with the Venusian groom. The other showed her happy with me, David. 

The second record - The Blue Rod
With my hand on my stomach, I pulled out my blue triangular rod given to me when the coup d'etat happen on Venus two years ago. I never read what it said. It reads:

"I, who rule Venus, behold the blue rod"
"I seek the knowledge to rule just, fair, and equable"
"I David Alan Bartholomew Phillip Hallsted share the rule with love"

In the record, I had to read all three sides off the rod to have it disappear. Three more staffs to go.
The third record - The Binding Ceremony
Early in their lives, all young girls on Venus are chosen by a boy. Gwen, Kenisha, and Ibol are a few of the unwanted girls who were not chosen. Though they did not want to be chosen, they were given to boys who did not want them.  
In the record, the females were never given a choice. Bonding was imposed on them.

The fourth records -  The Secret Lake
I raise my right hand, in pops a record of a lake in an underground cave. I see five female pinned down on the ground by males. Each drugged female has a blank express to forget the gang raped. I pop down another rape session record and another, until six are sitting on the desk. Unrepentant, the accused Venusian males retort back to me.

"So what! What are you going to do about it?
"Nothing. They are going to make the decision."

In front of me are several hundred Venusian females who are not happy. One by one, the abused and offended females gave, threw, or slapped the binding ring to the accused male.
In the record, these were the first divorces on Venus.

Fifth records - Contamination
As the ten rapist left, I added one more set of records. 

"Oh, by the way, you're all contaminated."

With my hands up, out pops on each finger a single pane record of each males. All the males walk away, except one who picks up his record and examines it in horror. The reason the Venusian made shoulder avatar was to avoid human contact. To be infect with emotions is to be contaminated, which makes you no better than a human. Facing me, he asked the question he does not want answered.

"What do you mean contaminated?"

"There is a reason we are busy on Earth trying to unite the soul to their shoulder avatar. Somehow your avatars have gone missing. You need to find it before you get worst."

In the record, slowly, through the centuries, the Venusians had absorbed the emotion of the humans through their many shoulder avatars. Their so called first line of defense, shoulder avatar, was a way into them. Over time their Venusian culture became barbaric. Killing each other as if they were shaking hands. They are immortals, what's a death or two here and there. 

A gang rape is horrible in human terms. In Venusian terms, it was just another cruel act among the many they do to each other. The females were upset because they could not exact their revenge if they do not known about it. In the record, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", does not work with immortals.

In the record:  
- Anything said at the BAHVN I can not publish. That is why Gwen stepped outside the door and stared at me. At that moment, she gave me the records of the hidden lake. 
- I share the throne with whomever wants to sit on it. A throne is a communication hub. I made every throne on Earth, a.k.a. toilet, a throne for this information.
- The voice of many humans come from Venus, their soul parents. 
- Whenever I post anything about the Venusian life, I must do the quote and use my title.
- I left the death threat in because I need to realize that "words matter." Sorry about that. 
- I had tried several times to give Ibol a ring, one even made from one of my heart chakra strands. Little did I realized that she hated her Venusian bonding ring.
- If you rule, you can change the rules, though why would a Venusian listen to a lowly Earthling. There are too many things to fix to sit around on a throne. And beside, I have to go to work everyday on Earth. I denounced the throne and let anyone sit on it to seek information.

2020 October 18 - finished reading the rod. Grammar, added more "in the record"
2020 October 20 grammar 
2023 July 25 - changed font and reposted pic

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