Thursday, October 22, 2020

Golem Attacks to stop the Human Race

"We are sorry. We followed the Dark One's edict, "Destroy the human race or they will destroy you!" After millenniums of fighting the human race, David has shown us that his race, humans, are not the ones to blame for attacks on our lands." Golem Crust King

Still sheltering in place. I am hooked on the Nat Geo "Drain the oceans away" series. In the record, every time a nature disasters hit the human race, I stop the recording and have a conversation with the golem race on why they did the earthquake.

December 26 2006 8:26 pm Luzon strait 19 cables that link China to Japan and China to United States. Earthquake 7.1 magnitude. In Taiwan two people killed dozens are injured. A massive underwater landslide took out all 19 cable links. It took out the cables between South East Asia and the United States. In the record, I open the records and see A vast golem city In the underwater canyon where that humans have laid their cables. The human cables were an eye sore to the golem people and had to be taken away.

In 1623 BC the Minoan civilization starts to decline. The volcanic eruption At Santorini was the most powerful volcanic explosion in the world so far.

The Santorini volcanic eruption destroyed the Minoan settlement at Akrotiri, as well as communities and agricultural areas on nearby islands and the coast of Crete with related earthquakes and tsunamis.

Per the Golem race at Santorino, the earthquake prior to the volcanic explosion was to warn the humans to evacuate. The picture above showed that the residents that came back after the earthquake and were cleaning up and trying to rebuild. (It came from Drain the Oceans - “Lost Worlds of the Mediterranean“.) In the record, the golem race was tried to spare the human lives, but still did not understand how to communicate with humans.

Pablopetri was buried underwater by an earthquake. Heracleion was buried underwater by liquefaction caused by an earthquake. In the record, golem attacks were used to slow the spread of the violent destroyers of Earth, the human race.

2020 October 22 - There was no direct translation for the King's name. The Earth's "crust" was closest.
2020 October 23 - added link to Golem creation and earthquakes
2023 July 25 - changed font, reposted pics

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