Sunday, February 7, 2021

2021 February - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"We appreciate the help." Hong Kong Dragon
Overall: Yeah. Sometimes this lock down just slows everything down.

7th - Updated the post: Golem Express: Check Off List

8th - What is funny is that when I was busy I got more done. Now that I am retired, with more time, I get less done. A transition to retirement in the middle of a once in a century pandemic is confusing.

13th - From NHK, "A magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck northeastern Japan at around 11:07 p.m. on Saturday". No injuries so far, but damage was done to the structures and property of the human race. On the bright side there were no human deaths.

18th - Uncle Tim came down for dinner, though it was not Tim. It was quite hilarious, though you can not expose an avatar substitution even if it is right in front of you. Those are the rules.

23rd - Updated post: Timelines: Your Future Self
25th - Regarding the Hong Kong hits, I hope you don't mind that I ask questions, mentally of your avatars. In the record, I see a longish room with a fold out table, keyboard, computer, monitor, and a wall monitor for the person standing behind the one on the computer.
To make sure I have the right location I go to Hong Kong on Google Maps. I see that is it mainly surrounded by water. I go back to the room and ascend upward above the buildings to verify that location. Off in the distance, I saw the Japan dragons and waved hi. Then, the male Hong Kong dragon zoomed in to converse with me.
"You are the Hong Kong Dragon."
"Yes I am."
"Sorry I did not stop by when I was here."
"That is not why I am here. I hope it is okay if they check you out."
"I am good with it."
"Good. Come back and visit at any time."
I bowed and returned to Berkeley.
- I read the above post several times to make sure I get the dialogue correct. Then the HK dragon pops in over my shoulder to read the post.
In the record, the wall monitor in the HK post is the dragon viewing through the human's eyes as he stands behind them. What is odd about the HK room is that it is white. In fact, everything is white in that room. In talking to the HK dragon, he blanked it out to not give away the human's location. In the record, I was not concerned about the actually location, but that the hits were coming from HK and not another location.

26th - My left leg was in pain for weeks now. Even when I used the golem staff to clean it out it comes back. This morning, I finally took a look at it. I pull up three records of me, one by one. I pulled up the physical, the 5% of this universe. Then I pulled up the DEM, the 95% of this universe. Then I pulled up the Outside the box record, OTB. Immediately, I viewed a splash off color as though it was trying to hide itself from me. But it is easy to see because there is only one thing here that I knew of. I take out the golem staff and stab it, then feed it to Terra, my Gaia friend. Do a couple quick heals of the lower body and I seem to be able to walk again. 
In the record, I got the OTB bug when I was giving chase to the Orange man.
In the record, the night before I said, "I guess I don't do anything about it until I am tired of it." 
The Outside the Box, OTB, record was introduced to my by Phillip. He gave me the staff and taught me how to use it. Note, the box is this universe.

27th - I meet the Hong Kong Dragon's Sister.

28th - Walking home from Pokemon Go, I cut across a grass field. The grass is no more than 6-8 inches tall. I used caution while walking through the grass avoiding trash and sprinklers. Though cautious, my right foot drags across what seemed to be a sprinkler head. I stopped and turned around to see what I missed. I used my foot to pat down the grass to find the sprinkler and found nothing. I blew it off as odd and continued on home. Then I saw a sprinkler pipe with out the head on it, which was low to the ground. I was given the thought that would make sense on what happened. At home, my right foot starts to hurt. Again, I lay down on the bed and bring up all three of my body records, physical, DEM, and OTB. At first, I find nothing in the OTB record. As I examined the DEM record, I saw an image of my right foot dragging. I reexamined the OTB record and use the Golem staff to prod the location of my right foot. Low and behold, I saw a yellow spike flat attached to the bottom of my foot. I quickly outlined the item, speared it, and feed it to my Gaia companion.
In the record, Terra was following me to keep an eye on me.
In the record, when I walked down I took a slightly different path through the grass. Coming back I was given a thought to take the same path, but then I was given another thought to take the detour. The detour set me on the path of the trap.
In the record, The redheaded door does not see OTB, but can see DEM and physical. We will start training so she can identify OTB items.
In the record, my hernia acted up which I had tied it to the previous OTB bug. Imagine, Red Bull can size bug pushing on your physical body until it finds a weakness.
In the record, Bart's human checked up on me during the time I had the OTB bug.
2021 April 27 - changed bot to box in labels. In the record, sometimes I type stuff on purpose by mistake. I will have to think about it.
2022 November 3 - redid the intro for Iphones and changed font
2023 July 25 - reposted pic

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