Sunday, May 28, 2023

Find Your Soul to Find DEM


"Hello Physicist, find your soul if you want to find DEM."  Human Evolution Box Man 
The important part of the pic is not that human need to make Earth stilts to ride a bike. Or that Green Leaf energy is covers the ground and could be used as a energy source to power DEM , Dark Energy & Matter, machine human make. 
What is important is that the bicycle is not interacting with the either the Leaf energy or Earth matter. 
In fact, the bike wheel diverts the Leaf energy without leaving a trough. 
If the bike was still, the Leaf energy would go around the bike spokes and join each other. 

It works like the Velvet Hand racket SF Exploratorium at Pier 15.
When you press both on either side of the racket, you divert the DEM on your hand which allows you to touch your actual hands again, not the layer of DEM energy that is on us.  

So what does this mean. 
Well, for two years after I discovered DEM, I had never asked the question, 
"Why haven't the physicists found DEM?" 

It is simple. 
Unless the physical object is imbue with DEM, it will not interact with DEM. 

Let's review that. 
Humans can interact with DEM because we have DEM in us, our soul, and on us. 
The physical things we make are not imbued with DEM, therefore they do not interact with DEM.  

So, that physical race track in the Swiss mountains will not find DEM. 
But human can interact with DEM. 
We do it all the time. 
P.S. If you want, you can make your own velvet hand racket.
I did. It was pretty easy. 
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