Sunday, May 28, 2023

Avatar Research CV

Well, I wanted to speak at the the ISPS-US conference in October 2023. 
At first I thought, why not.
The conference title is Humanity in Solidarity.  
The title of my presentation is, Humanity in Solidarity with the Voice Community - The Many Ways Voices Work with Humans. 
I thought, that will work.
Then I read on and they want a CV,  Curriculum Vitae. 
Then I decided not to do it. 
Let's face it, I am not a shrink. 
Then I had a talk to by Bart
So I am doing it now.
Bart convinced me that I need to try and work with my strengthens.  
So below and here is my CV. Enjoy.
Avatar Research CV - David Hallsted - 2023 May 28
David Hallsted

(510) 326-6380
912 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94707


Human education:

Dropped out from UC Santa Cruz, attended 1978-80

Associate of Arts degree in Machine Technology from Diablo Valley College, 1982-5

Bachelor Degree in Mechanical/Material Science Engineering from U.C Davis,1985-6

Human work:

EnergyLine Systems - testing, shipping, assembly for 12 years, 1990-2002

S&C Electric Co. - Producibility Engineer, QA, RMA, CI facilitator for 18, 2002-2020

Retired 2020 September 30

Bay Area Hearing Voice Network Secretary & Facilitator 2014 - present

Human certifications:

Continuous Improvement Facilitator for 10 years, Bronze level, Alameda, CA, 2010-2020

Peer support facilitator training, Berkeley, CA, 2014 to present

Avatar training: (teacher is my voice, Ibol. Voice = Avatar)

Clairvoyance training, use of voice’s eyes to read timeline records, 2011

Timeline record crafting and reading of a human timeline, 2011 November

Chronopointer training - tool to pinpoint a date/time in a human timeline record, 2019 March

Avatar work:

Human advisor for DEM avatars, 2012-present 

Started blog on avatar adventures, 2015 January

Traveled around the Earth meeting DEM people, 2016 to present

Unknowingly Discovered Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, 2016 February

Discovered Velvet Hands for proof of DEM, 2017 May

Discovered DEM elements: Wiggle energy, Green Leaf energy, Brown Earth matter, Ice energy, 2019 Dec

Discovered DEM aspect of COVID-19, 2020 April

Mapped out Human soul development, 2020 December

Discovered why physics can not interact with DEM, 2021 January

Chronicled the life of my Voice during my soul development, 2021 March

Made simple DEM machine to aid my walking, 2021- present

Programing DEM machines, 2021-present

Discovered human trauma has DEM form which can be unwritten to eliminate, 2022 December

Discovered gravity’s DEM properties, 2023 April

Human Conference, presentations, interview:


The Physicists and Voice Hearers Meet to Explore Dark Energy & Matter

I will explain why physicists with the help of voice hearers will be able to quantify all the different aspects of Dark Energy & Matter, DEM. I will use examples of how I interacted and examined DEM for over a decade before I even realized that it was DEM. I plan to end the session with an uplifting message that voice hearers are the future of Earth because of their innate ability to interact with Dark Energy & Matter.

Co-presented as the voice hearer Speaker at Dominican University of California - 2017 April 

Interviewed by Tanya Luhrmann from Stanford University - 2015 October 

In three sections: main section, minor1, minor 2 
2023 May 29 - grammar 
2024 April 22 - replace find with interact, will with can

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