Monday, May 22, 2023

"What makes a person unique ... it's their soul."

The above map is the text version I used to help folks understand soul development in the Ibol story arc.  
There are a lot of questions regarding abortion, though they all miss the mark. 
The question is not, "When is a baby a person?"
The questions is,  "When does the soul enter into the baby?"
What makes a person unique is their soul. 
From the above human soul development map, a remnant of your soul parents is channeled through the birthing mom into the baby at birth.  Why? You can not have two souls in one human body at one time.  My main argument will be avatar substitution.  
The other argument is that your completed soul is necessary for you to have memory, a.k.a. ability to recall one of your timeline.  
In the above map, your soul is completed when your remnant pops up as your shoulder avatar, which is the teens for most humans. Most of your childhood is a fuzzy memory, unless you can directly tie into your soul parent records of your life stored in Mercury library.

Remember, a soul makes a person unique, not the human body.

...though the human body is used as the mold for your soul, but at death you lose your human body and your immortal soul lives on.
...unless you go to a black hole where it will be shredded in half. It's best to stay in this universe. 

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