Wednesday, May 24, 2023

I just want to talk...Someone? Anyone? Any who?...Finally

 "You will wish for those quiet days of no comments." Bart
 I finally got BAHVN to sponsor a public meeting to discuss the physics of the voice world. Yeah. 

The above pic is from the blog stat page
Zero's not like I want a follower.  
I really just want to talk. 
I promise. I don't have cooties
So many things I see and I don't have the physics background to make sense of it. 
I need help on understand what I am looking at. 
I would love to work as a team with other scientist to figure out DEM, Dark Energy & Matter.

So many of the things I use to do are just not interesting. 
Once you see 100% of everything, the 5% becomes less interesting. 
And there is no going back. 
How can you undo it once you have seen it. 
So, I sit and wait for someone to ask a question or to challenge a post.
Like the title says, "I just want to talk."
P.S. A lot of you have been here. 
Just say "Hi" at least. 
The first two blips are from Israel. Your guess is a good as mine why I got a 1000 views in a day.
2023 June 29 - reposted pics
2023 August 8 - changed knowing to wanting to work as a team with scientist. 
2023 September 22 - changed hits to views
2024 January 28 - added Sunday meeting

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