Sunday, August 7, 2016

Avatar Substitution - Naragami Divine Possession

Quote: "Avatar substitution is the coolest trick...a real life saver." Clueless Wonder

Avatar Substitution - Naragami Divine Possession
Just finished watching the OVA anime, which was hilarious. In the anime, Yato pushes out Hiyori to possess her body. In a typical avatar substitution, your avatar pushes your soul out of your body to control the upcoming event which is beyond your soul's ability to save yourself.

One of my avatar substitutions was a bicycle crash in the Posey tube.

Other avatar substitutions that I read and reviewed the records were:

Sam Maynard's accident - "Maynard said all he remembers was being at the gym one minute and waking in the hospital’s intensive care unit the other."

Sebastion Johnson's cliff fall - In the record, his avatar took over the remnant in his body to have his body survive the fall.

Window washer survived a 11-story fall - Pedro Perez said that "he did not remember the fall". To make sure the catch net was in the proper position, Mohammad Alcozai's car was avatar hacked and "his car’s navigation system went blank, so he slowed down" just in time to catch the falling avatar substitute in Pedro's body.

Your avatar, always has your best interest even if it means taking on the pain for your survival.

Nikolai Gorokhov fall: 

NBC News Lawyer Probing Russian Corruption Says His Balcony Fall Was ‘No Accident’

Nikolai fall has all the hallmarks of an avatar substitution, lack of memory and a miracle.
There is a certain person in a certain country who is just a pawn like ISIS.
All the wealth that person is collecting is worthless to the avatars.
I highly recommend that they rethinks what they are doing, if that is possible. 

Update: 2017 July 15 - added Russian lawyer fall. 
2020 September 19 - The person responsible for the Russian event is the Dragon of Russia. I would not mess with her. 

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