Sunday, August 27, 2023

2023 July - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"We promise to help David on his walks."  Donna, Climb, and Terra
Overall - I am looking at how the gray threads are attached to physical matter in order to try  and put a DEM stilt between the physical object and the gray thread. The end result would be stuff floating in midair which would be my first step to making me my own stilts. 
- I keep getting help thoughts on the best out come for creating stilts.
2nd - Driving back from Sacramento, I feel some anger in from the visit. The anger was locked up in my leg. I use clairvoyance to inspect and take out the DEM anger. In the record, all emotions create form and substance in the DEM world. 

 - I keep thinking that I need to do the stilt to get the girl.
11th - I need to get out more and walk. A quick walk around the neighborhood should suffice. A had third attack on my right leg cyst. The walk up Marin was difficult. When I got home I found a bundle of energy chained to my right leg cyst. I use clairvoyance and see a red ball with multiple chains holding my leg down. I dig deep into the chain structure and find the lynch pin that created the chain hold down. I flick the pin and the chains come undone. I regained my previous walk. 
In the record, I am becoming a shut in, which is exactly what those friendly DEM folks want.

25th - I woke up with the phrase "cattle crossing guard" in my mind. If I had to guess, someone was trying to figure out what physical object interrupts the DEM on the ground so that animals will not cross it.
- Updated: Eclipse
2024 March 22 - grammar

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