Friday, July 1, 2016

Dragon Spotting: Childhood Trick

Airport seating

Quote: "We humbly serve those who help the world." the White Dragon

Dragon Spotting: Childhood Trick
In the Oakland airport at the Southwest Gate 24, I found a seat by the boarding door which was away from everyone, to read the Sunday SF Chronicle. Out of nowhere, a forties man in red shorts and green jacket walked up and started a conversation.

"Are you going to Chicago?"

"Are you going to Chicago?"

"Yes, I am."

"I am too."

"Do you mind if I sit?"

The avatar of the day pointed to the seat next to me. I suspected that he was the White Dragon.  I decided to pop back in my physical body to attend the meeting. White continued the conversation about our jobs and finally asked why I was traveling.

"Why are you going to Chicago?"

"I am going to do ESD audits of several locations."

"ESD, what's that?'

"ESD is Electrostatic Discharge. Everyone is an ESD expert. Remember when you were a kid and rubbed your hair with a balloon and stuck to the wall. That's ESD."

I waited for his reply and he remained silent and slightly stunned. When ever I mentioned this to other folks, they agreed, laughed, and we carried on our conversation. To break the ice, I continued our conversation.

After a half hour of talking, the gate attendant announced that the "A" ticket holder needed to line up. White stood to get in line. We shook hands and told each other our names as we said our goodbyes.
In the record - I noticed that the two males closest to us were fast asleep. They were in sleep positions as though they had just passed out. In the record, in their invisible avatar forms, I saw the Green and Red Dragon had propped up each person to stop them from falling out of their seat when they were put to sleep. 

I know his name, where he is located, and his business is on the web. I know he is a Dragon because he never experience the static balloon trick in his childhood. I need to visit them and check it out. Also, everything I know is open to all in the avatar world. The state where the Dragons reside was recently flooded, though everything was okay.  
White, Red, and Green's Perspective: 
White is walking through the airport while mentally talking to Pops
"You said somewhere around here. There he is."
"Why is he sitting away from everyone? "
"Don't worry, he will recognize you right away."
"You two, take your positions in that row of seats."

"Got it. Shall we lean against each other. "
"Oh, sleep cuddling." 
Both Green and Red sat, leaned, and left their bodies to stand guard. 

"Will she attack."
"She looks calm." 
White moves in to talk to me and my shoulder avatar, Ibol.
Ibol and Kenisha's perspective back in Venus in the Ibol's emotional fallout cave:
Ibol, Kenisha, and Gwen were viewing through the view stand because of my trip. 
Ibol spots dragons moving in towards me.
"Why are they here again?"
"They have been around David and nothing has happened.  Let's see what he has to say."
2023 July 1 - added bold face for White's dialogue, grammar 
2023 July 4 - changed font, added pic, added labels, added red, white, green, white, Ibol, and Kenashi perspective

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