Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cross Training: Avatar Energy Bank

"Calling all men who've gone through the 2nd coming...there are millions of avatar females and only one of me...HELP!" Clueless Wonder


The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

I'm hiking back to the car on Bridge Creek Trial when I meet a Redwood Tree avatar. She does not have an avatar to speak, so I look close at her hand gestures. She has her left thumb and forefinger pinched in a circle and her other forefinger going in and out of the circle. My eyes open wide as I think to myself, "How in the world do they know that I am having se...." Before I can finish my thought she points towards the sky off to my right. Above the forest trees in the Bay Area direction, I see a shaft of yellow energy stretching from the Earth to the heavens. I point at it and say, "I need to do something about that...I can't do anything about that." It hard to know your affect, when you live in the middle of an energy bank.

When female avatars cross train their abilities, the climax sends a surge of energy to the bank. City avatars draw on the energy to bring calm to their citizens. Storm avatar use it to expand their awareness to all avatars in the storm's path. Planet avatar invest the energy to shape the direction of their planet's development. In future posts, I will cover examples of these processes.
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