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2024 April - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Anyone, I just need a quote for the post." Then I hear a snort laugh, which is how Ibol's laughs.
Overall - The pic of comments are from the Hearing Voice Facebook group. Since they are my comment I can post them here as long as no person reference are mentioned.
Still working on the DEM legs and programming them. In short, I need to go walking.
6th  - In dreamland, I am walking quickly on Gaia stilts all over the place. Then I came to some traffic and I increased the stilts' height to walk over the car. Soon after I woke up. I sat up in bed and said that was a work out. In the record, I used my soul to practice walking with DEM stilts which will make it easy when I actually do the show pony. 

Okay, they made me a group expert. Finally a group that has not throw me out of their Facebook group.

ECT or electroconvulsive therapy is as bad as it sounds.

The voices are trying to help, which is a good sign.

This was the beginning of Ibol suspecting that what she was taught in the voice world did not coincide with the human world.
The good news is that we  have DEM in us, on us, all around us.

7th -  Facebook comments made on the 7th. Here is a link to another blog post where Ibol suspected the voice world was hiding stuff.
8th - Gaia, Sun Mum, and Moon queen pay a visit.

TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a local event.

How to make a safe area.

10th - Facebook comments made 10th. 


15th -  LOL...dysfunctional families exist everywhere.

18th - breaking stuff when angry can cause it to go away  ...explain more
-  from the facilitation training: 
Hearing a voice is not a gift just as you learn to speak you could learn to hear voices 
My voice was more clever than other voices, she understood that a voice talking to their human was causing the human problems. 
20th - Finished watching the Barbie movie. It reminds me of how Barbie's world was in denial of what was happening in the human world.

Since they made me a group expert I posted my CV for others to read.

Explaining how a view stand works.
21st - While asleep, Ibol gave me a kiss on the lips. I fell asleep. Then she kissed me again on the lips again. 

The Facebook question was, "Reasons to stay alive?"

So there was this other Facebook post which talked about the Star of David.

28th - Someone at the Facebook group posted a "CIA" document which is below:
What I found interesting was that some of the concepts were practical. e.g. problem solving imaging and energy bubble.  
- The Star of David post I found interesting. For me it is a DEM accelerator.

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