Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to see your energy bubble.

Quote:Remember, don't blink...you'll miss it.

In one of Dora Kunz's books, I remember she stares to achieve clairvoyance to read a person's aura. I decide to see my aura, or energy bubble. I stand in front of the bathroom mirror and try not to blink. The first several stares are hard and I blink, though with perseverance, I make it through the burn. The reflected energy is a misty green-yellow patch.

Dora and I look at the record to see what I missed. The single pane record shows me in my energy bubble in front of the mirror. I see vivid green and blue diagonal swirls across the bubble. She says I see parts of my energy reflected. To see the rest, clairvoyant training is required. In the mean time, I will use my avatar's eyes for clairvoyant vision.

So give it a try.  Anyone can do this. Make sure you have a white sheet or wall behind you for a blank slate to see your energy.

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