Saturday, June 24, 2017

Human Progress: Galvanized Golem

Quote: "Through hard will succeed." Human Progress Box Man

I dropped off the metal by the galvanize tank as instructed by the worker. Once placed on the ground, I looked around and spotted an avatar I have never seen. For a moment, we both looked at each other not sure of what to make of each other.

In the record, the galvanized golem was curious about my shoulder avatar. Ibol, my shoulder avatar, was curious about the metal golem. I was there for the ride.

All human progress has an avatar line to ensure its success whether humans acknowledge them or not.

So why was an avatar of Venus curious of a golem of human progress?
The student was never taught about them in class.
Why hide such information from your own people?
It's hard to demonize a race that becoming more advance than your race.

2017 June 24 - spelling and post heading
2017 July 4 - Added lack of knowledge, changed process to progress
2023 July 30 - changed font, added pic

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