Thursday, June 6, 2024

What Percentage are you?

"I hate to admit it, but I am only a 45% er." Helena Blavatsky
I have started to call shrinks 5% ers. I have also accused shrinks of guessing at what is wrong with voice hearers as a 5% guess. 
The percentage comes from the CERN site on Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, where physical matter is only 5% of your universe and DEM is the 95%. 
Below is a list of DEM abilities and the percentage needed to have that DEM ability. 
It is not a linear list, for instance, stepping out of this universe puts a person above 100% but there may be several percentages below that one has yet to master. 
Have fun looking at the ongoing list. 

1-4% - development of the human soul is still ongoing
5% - A complete human soul but no understanding beyond that physical dimension. Passive interactions with DEM is a prerequisite to be a complete human soul but clueless on how it works. 
hot flashes - energy channeling, 
riding a bike - DEM stilts, 
deja vu - timeline viewing, 
tourette syndrome - involuntary avatar dialogue by your voice
6% - This is tricky. It is a 5% human but they have a voice who is actively helping them. In a sense, the human is teaming up with their voice. 
This would include: 
an invisible friends, 
hearing music in your head, 
all manner of avatar dialogue: ventriloquist, story teller, voice actor 
avatar hands from your shoulder avatar: star athletes, surgeon
7% - Hearing various DEM stuff but not knowing what it is.
tinnitus hearing a.k.a. DEM air freshener

10% - A human and voice are conversing with each other

30% - Working with other DEM avatar on Earth surface.
45% - Human clairvoyance without the help of your voice. This would be the Theosophy group.

50% - Voice clairvoyance with your voice's eyes. Well, little did I know my voice help me skip the 45% and sent me straight to the 50%.

60% - Crafting DEM items. Checked off. I have made simple DEM machines for my legs and hip, otherwise I would be a cripple. In the record, the physical body is mainly empty space, a.k.a. DEM.  If one thinks of it, the physical body is just backup in case our abilities to use DEM is stopped. Guess what happened.

65% - Programming DEM item. Still working on this. Who would have thought that putting a DEM item on your legs need to be bent to work.  In the record, when we human were babies, the process of walking is the programming of our Dirt dark matter in to viable leg walking. For me, I need to take GAIA stilts and learn to walk again.

70% - Manipulation of Gravity. It is the shifting of an object gravity onto oneself. The item become weightless. Yes, we are getting to the realm of super hero stuff. In the record, I just figure out how to do this, but I still need to practice with it.  Voice clairvoyance is necessary to see the shift.

80% - Walking on DEM stilts without a physical item. In the record, once gravity shifting is under one's belt, walking in midair should be possible. Still working on it.

90% - Making DEM machines and structures for the human race. In the record, I have seen and rode in a DEM car. I have no clue how to make one. In the record, unless the human race reaches this level, climate change maybe our undoing.

100% - Stepping out of the box, our universe. I have done this when I would meet Bart and his family.

101% - On the outside of our universe. I have done this in two different way, one via Bart, the other was via Pops.
Update: This will be ongoing.
2024 June 10 - grammar and links

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