Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Avatar Hands: The Perfect Throw

My Dad always said, "Don't aim the ball...just throw it."

Since I'll be pitching in my kid's game, I warm up with the coach before the game. As we play catch, we get further and further apart. To the coach's surprise, no matter how far I am from him, I hit his stationary glove.

So how does the perfect throw work?

Since I have played baseball for seven year, the mechanics of the throw are second nature. Avatar hands is used by my avatar, Ibol, to achieve the perfect throw.

I look at the record, before the ball is released. Red timelines fall on the potential destinations of the ball. To illustrate, imagine if I took a bucket of red paint and I threw it at a suspended dart board in the middle of the field. Red paint would splatter on and around the board and leave a trail up to and away from the board. In the middle of all the red potentials, my avatar see the white line that hits the glove. Ibol's goal is to manipulate my hand to release the ball along the white timeline. When the ball is tossed, all the alternative red lines disappear rapidly as the ball arrives on the white line, the glove.

When I look at action images of Steph Curry or Bruce Jenner, I see avatar hands at work. Certain relationships are so intimate, the athlete becomes their avatar. The transformation is why there are gays, lesbians, and transgenders.

2017 April 23 - Changed font. Added transformation sentence and gay, lesbian, transgender label. Added the answer to the hint since no one got it.
2020 October 29th - I need to do a further explanation of the avatar, a.k.a voice or soul parent, to human relationship. Both Steph and Bruce have female avatars. One avatar allowed her human to stay male, while the other wanted her human to be female. There is no right or wrong with these decisions. It just is. My avatar, Ibol, was okay if I stayed a male, though she really wanted to have a female to guide. In the end, we feel in love with each other with the blessing of Gaia. In the record, I had a hard time with an avatar imposing their will on their human, but, over time, I have come to learn that "It's all good." 
2024 May 20 - changed font, reposted pic

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