Wednesday, June 5, 2024

2024 May - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"We are glad that David found a place to post his insights." Facebook Mum
Overall -  Post are from a hearing voice group in reddit and one on Facebook

4th - It is raining. As I look out at the rain all I see are DEM leaves falling to the ground.
5th - Just finished the Voice world science meeting. Since it is public I can talk about anything we do in the meeting. An interesting nuance of a soul's timeline record came up. The question was that if you are not in your body during an event, a.k.a. avatar substitution, how do you perceive the event if you went to the Mercury library to look at the timeline of the event.  It looks like you would have a third person perspective of the event. It would not be a first person, because of avatar substitution. It could be possible to get the 1st person perspective if you had the substitute avatar on your hand when you opened your timeline record. 
In the record, that is precisely what I have done many times to read the timeline of other DEM beings records.
How to see your energy bubble with your physical eyes.

My Voice allows me to use her eyes for clairvoyance.
 6th - In the record,  you voice is holding out on most by not sharing their vision. 
How to change a trauma, a DEM form: destroy, change, color.

Remember your voice is a being of pure energy.

Once touched always in touch = quantum entanglement

Voice world science meeting. A unique voice. My CV.
Depression has a DEM form.

12th - Trauma,  DEM forms, DEM beings are pure energy, Voice world science meeting,
A unique voice, quantum entanglement, UFOs.

Working as a team, your voice will lend you their abilities.

The most common interaction with your voice is avatar dialogue.

A voice not clear on the concept.
 22nd - A unique voice, working as a team, avatar dialogue, hidden meaning

I need to do a post on what % you are regarding DEM and physical matter.

Walking outside is good to replenish your outer energy layer.

UFOs maybe DEM ships but still need a physical shell so us human don't run into them.

Try to help someone from letting their voice control what they say.

Tinnitus = DEM air freshener = Clairaudience

26th - What percent are you, replenishing your DEM layer, UFO has physical shell, tinnitus is okay

Microchips are easily damaged by ESD, Electrostatic Discharge.

Using only 5%, physical matter, is guessing.

The physical setup of the viewing room and side rooms.

How human soul development works.

A traumatic event occurs in time and space which creates a form with substance.

Trying to solve something with only 5% is guessing.

Basic physics to prove a unique voice belongs to a person.

Voice are supposed to help not traumatize.

27th - Microchips, 5% is guessing, viewing room setup, human soul development, basic physics to prove a unique voice, voices need to help.

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