Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Records FAQ

Quote: "Don't fret the camera everywhere, your whole life is being recorded in the Akashic records." Mercury Librarian 

I heard a few concerns about Akashic records since folks know I can read other people's human record. I will answer what I know from my experience in record reading and conversations with the record keepers. For the FAQ, I will refer to the Akashic records as human records. 

What are the human records?  They are the recordings of all physical human life from birth to death.

What is my human record like? It is a movie of your physical life from birth to death.

What do the human records look like? Records come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to continuous movies. I will publish drawings of the records that I examine in a future post.

Why read a record? The best reasons are to seek knowledge or to help someone. Any other reasons can taint the reading.

Can anyone read my human record? No, you need to give the reader permission to view your records. For instance, the record keepers laid out my brother's current life record. The segments that I read were my interactions with him while the rest are blanked out.

Can I give someone permission to read my human record? Yes, I asked a few folks for permission and I was able to read their record. The record keepers hand you the record to read.
Can anyone read a published human record? Yes, if you make a video of yourself and put it online it is open for anyone to read.  That is why I was able to do the avatar speak post. Any online chats, text, pictures, comments, blogs, and any human interactions with another person/s are all forms of a published records.

Can I make a copy of a record? Yes, I still make copies of records to check on what I saw or missed. How to make a record is now its own post.

Can I read a record anywhere? Yes, but we live in a sea of energy. It is best to make a clean area to read with permission from the local avatar. I will explain in a future post.

Can I examine a record and does it change it? I have examined many records without any problem or change to the record.

Can I change a past timeline? Yes and no. There is one record that I participated with the event. That event changed other lines that lead me to the current job as life coach of the solar system. Yes you can, but not now. The job is filled.

Location of records:
- Avatar records are contained in a tri-fold parchment on Venus. The parchment is a dimensional door to a room which contain all the Venusian avatar records.
- Human and Earth records are in the Mercury Library.
- Mars records are in a side room off the throne's right side and show only those who lived on Mars.
- Void records are in a room outside of this universe.
- Whenever possible, all other records in this Universe, for example Black Hole Maidens records, are added to the Mercury Library.
- Picture records are accessed from the Mercury Library. Upon viewing an event picture, my soul and shoulder avatar can enters the event record to investigate any part of the event timeline. There are record limits to how far forwards and backwards one can go on an event timeline.
- Spiral Arm Maiden records are on a scroll. A special room was made at the Mercury Library that displays the scroll like the Milky Way Galaxy.
- Pandora Strands  - while soul tethered, I can record the events of the schismed world 
- Sentient records are at the Mercury Library stored in jars due to the hyper speed of the record.

2015 September 3 -  added different types of records
2016 August 20: Added record locations and links. Changed title. Grammar. Added human in front of record.
2016 August 22: Added Mars records
2016 September 17: Added picture and event timelines
2016 October 21: Added Spiral Maidens records and labels
2017 May 21 - added Pandora strands
2017 June 9 - added sentient records 
2020 April 12 - added quote person, fixed grammar, changed last FAQ from enter to examine, added the change past timeline. In the record, little did I know I signed up for the job when I entered the record. Silly me poking my head in place it should not be, though I am glad I did. In the record, it a excellent sign of freewill. 
2021 March 20 - moved comment to update, changed font

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