Sunday, November 29, 2015

Avatar Hack: BART Ticket Machine

BART ticket machine - Top: mock up hack. Bottom: real display.

Quote: "The third way...your avatar counters the flick...parry, lunge, and touché!" Clueless Wonder

At the BART ticket machine, I purchased tickets for next month's commute. My ATM card and code have passed and waited for the next display on the monitor. I stared in disbelieve and whispered "dang, they hacked it". The "buy multiple tickets" selection was blank.  I pressed cancel to reset the program to nullify their hack. I did the card and code again and the F selection was still blank. I canceled out and went to the next machine to purchase my tickets.

In the record, part of the avatar of the day training is avatar hack of electronics that I use. Before the machine activated in the record, I saw numerous green potential timelines within the machine. The lines connected to the various parts of the machine: monitor, buttons, mechanical parts, electronics, and power. When I interacted with the machine, the green lines change to white to complete the action, though the other green potential lines were still present. I expanded the record to look closer at the F selection and saw a stack of lines. The blank display was at the top while the "buy multiple tickets" display was sixth. I watched the timeline again and saw how the blank display was selected. Before the intended line was activated, an avatar flicked their finger to the blank line which displayed a blank F selection on the monitor.

I had experienced this phenomena when I played Tread Marks online. A missile is about to frag me when I sense the flick of a finger and the missile miraculously turns away. Electronic timelines are constantly monitored by avatars. To redirect a line is easy if options exist.

There are several possibilities I intend to try to stop the hack.
- Instead of an action that select a potential line of many, an action for each potential is needed. In other words, if I was a car on the freeway and all the off ramps were closed except one, then I have to take the correct one.
- Another way is to be "one with the machine", you own all the lines and the machine will work as intended.
- The third way is the intro to this post, a counter flick.
- Go back to the source and put them in check. Once touched, always in touched is in affect.
- Tap the machine twice. The EFT should take affect and reset the machine, though an energy barrier around the device would ensure no repeat hacks.

Avatar hack has branched out to all electronics from a garage door opener, electronic soap dispensers, washing machine, Iphone, any app or software, to the Pokemon Go world.  There is a reason I never use the electronic car door key. I already know what may happen. The alarm may go off.

2018 April 3 - changed look and feel, grammar, added other electronics, added more ways to combat a hack. Comments: I purchased a ticket for each day because I had lost a ticket with lots of money on it. 
2021 March 9 - clarified that when the green lines change to white.  added quote owner, link to new window.
2023  September 11 - changed font, reposted pic

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