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2016 January 16-22: Four Moons

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

"As the Moon will your dreams!" Moon Queen

January 16-22, Four Moons - Of the twelve dream worlds, four are moons which the Queen rules with the four Mums. 

16th -
Hack: I just watched the third anime episode of "The Devil is a part-timer". I click to go to the fourth episode when the second episode starts playing on top of the third. I do a triple take and see the counter is past the 23:40 mark and the white status bubble is at the end of the line.
Force thought: I have a four section grocery list I print off the computer. Before cutting the sheet, I am convinced the orientation is correct on the paper cutter. It was not and I print a new one. 
Shell: At 9 in the morning, there is little or no line at the Solano Albany post office. I am there to mail a package to my son at college. A man and woman are standing out of the rain in the doorway while I am still in the car. The office opens and we all go inside. I see the brunette standing by the table, and I ask, " Are you in line?" She replies, "Yes, I am in line." while holding a piece of paper. The woman presents the paper and asked a question to the postal worker, leaving after she gets her answer. In viewing the woman's record, the Moon Princess has no avatar.
Cross train: 4 Mums, Crow & Daughter, Moon Princess & Daughter 
17th - 
Shells: On a Berkeley Hills hike, I meet three female shells who have European features. The first shell was a woman in yellow rain gear walking along Indian Rock Park. Another was a white female jogger on Montrose Road, who disappeared after she turns the corner. The first was the daughter, followed by the Mum. The third woman did amazing work. She exited a house, closed and locked the door, put the keys in a lock key box, walked down the stairs in high heels, said hi to me, got in her car, and turned on the lights. I did not see the car leave because I entered the next flight of stairs on the hike. I looking at the record, I see the car has no motor except a device to act as the light. I guess that she is the Queen because she choose an older woman. I immediately apologize and I hear her say, "I thought you preferred women close to your age."
Process: The Queen taught me how to cook a pull pork roast.
Cross train: Moon Queen & three Daughters, Sun & two Daughters
Hearing voices: As I fall a sleep, I hear the Princess Moon say, "Hi", which wakes me up. 
18th -
Hack: I have been a muggle for months not seeing this hack. Every once and awhile the "Current view" option in the Adobe print window is missing. Both Linh and I see the "current view" option and print his page. We ready the next page to print and it is gone. He thinks it's odd. If only he knew what my live was like.
Catch: I tripped in a vacate hallway.
Shell: On Shattuck, driving home from work, I stop at Rose and let two pedestrians cross. The man crosses without looking, followed by a young white woman glued to her smart phone. It seem more staged than normal because the brother crossed while his sister waited by the hydrant. In the record I can hear the brother say, "Just follow me, I will stop the car for you." They are the Moon Queen's son and daughter. 

19th -
Hack: I use the search function and find all the files in the folder, see the right side. When I open the folder, The vm files are missing, see the left side. Other folders I check show the vm files.
Shell: Everyone has to get out at MacArthur BART Station to transfer to the Richmond line. I lean the bike on the wall and start to read the paper facing the wall. All of a sudden, two feet away, facing the wall, a cute short-hair brunette woman appears while viewing her smart phone. I announce to my body, "This is not going to happen." I meet up later that day with the Hummingbird Mum.
Catch: I tripped in the stock room when no one was looking.
Shell: On Walnut Street, I am riding the bicycle home from Downtown Berkeley BART. This time the crows are flying and moving all about except for one crow, the anchor crow. Looking above the Princess' Younger Brother's record, all the green timelines spiral about the anchor crow shell.
Dream: In an attic, I view assorted piles of papers, book, and wooden furniture.
Cross train: Blue Dragon, Century Oak Tree, Hummingbird & Daughter, Alice Bates & Daughter

20th -
Hack: Early at work, I double check the folder for the missing files. The first time I look they are missing. The second time I look the missing files are there but the previous files are missing."Uncle!"

Hack: Early at work, my phone starts a registration procedure. I look around and only two other phones are doing the same process. I pick up the receiver and it is dead. The process cycles two more times and the phones are back to normal. I submit a report and picture to IT to see what they say.
Catch: I tripped in the middle of the production floor and no one was looking.
Force thought: At work, my eyes close and I see tanks fighting, then really big tanks fighting. I eat more carrots to try and stay awake.
Shell: On BART, a sleeping homeless person with his cart stunk up the 2nd car. In the record, I see a device planted in the middle of his cart shell that gives off the odor. The Princess' Older Brother introduced smells.
Shell: While riding home on Walnut Street, a squirrel rustles the leaves drawing my attention. In the record I see the Moon King, on all fours, in the shell. 

21st -
Hack: At work, in Oracle, I query between two dates. The first query needs to finish before the program allows the next query which happened anyway. I never got to enter the "to" date because the "..." doesn't appear, no matter how many time I clicked in the box. I reset the program which cleared the hack.
Force thought: At work, I get sent to a dream world, but I snap out of it and eat more.
Shell: I am riding the bike to BART from work. In the Posey tube, traveling in my direction, I meet a women on a bike. She's bundled in many layer from head to toe, shaped like a snow-woman with legs. I shuffle my bicycle around her and the handle bars hit her twice. I spy her rear crate and see small lights decorating the edge. I point and say that they are cool. She moves her hands in appreciation and we part our ways. In the record, I examine the bike, clothes, and mask and nothing stands out. I look at her eyes and see bright blue like those of the blue dragon. She tells me her Uncle, the White Dragon, cloth her for protection.
22nd -
Shell: The BART train has just stopped at Downtown Berkeley. I stand back with the bicycle to allow the passengers to exit first. Before the doors opens, a short-haired blond woman with lots of piercing steps into my view. I look down and see she is wearing burgundy lace-up ankle boots. We exit the train and I run into another version of the same blond with long hair, no piercing, wearing the same boots. In the record, I examine the second blond's skin from top to bottom which looks human. I say, "My the shells are getting good!". I hear a voice say, "You certainly don't leave nothing to hide." Gotcha! It turns out that the Blue Dragon was the pierce blond and the Hummingbird was the second one.
Dreams: I am at a training camp with young adults wearing military style clothes. We practice shooting a shotgun type weapon. Holding the gun a certain way reduces the recoil. 
Cross train: Mum & Daughter, Sour Grass, Redwood & Daughter, Sylvia McLaughlin, Esther Gulick, Kay Kerr, SF Bay, Moon Queen

Update - 2016 April 17 - New hack pic without company info, italic, intro with correct links, changed to Arial font

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